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Invited to a Watson Glaser critical thinking test? Applying for medicine and taking the UKCAT? Ever wondered what RANRA and Raven are? These are all tests delivered by Pearson TalentLens. Learn more about Pearson Education tests and how we can help you prepare.
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Pearson Education are an international testing company based in the UK. Even if you haven’t heard of them, you may have heard of some of their tests. Pearson Assessment, Pearson TalentLens and Pearson Vue are all parts of Pearson Education, although in the UK aptitude tests are mostly under the name Pearson TalentLens. If you have come across a test using any of the terms above, you are most likely taking a Pearson TalentLens test.

Some of the key Pearson TalentLens products are:

Watson-Glaser critical thinking appraisal -
this test assesses decision making skills and judgement. The Watson Glaser test places emphasis on recognising assumptions, evaluating arguments and drawing conclusions. It is often used in law firm recruitment, and by Deloitte in their graduate recruitment. Get your Watson Glaser practice with our dedicated test pack.

RANRA - the Rust Advanced Numerical Reasoning Appraisal is a numerical reasoning test used to assess your critical thinking. It is usually used in the recruitment ofsenior positions, and can often be accompanied by the Watson-Glaser test. We offer a dedicated practice pack for the RANRA to help you get all the preparation you need.

UKCAT - applicants for medicine and dentistry at many of the UK’s universities need to achieve a good score in the UKCAT. Our dedicated UKCAT section of the website is designed to see you through all five subtests of the UKCAT.

BCAT - the Bar Course Aptitude Test is a variant of the Watson Glaser critical thinking test. Aspiring Barristers must pass this test in order to claim their place on the Bar Professional Training Course.

Numerical Reasoning Assessment - this test is new to Pearson TalentLens, and is now used by Deloitte in their recruitment process for graduates, interns and apprentices. This test contains some different elements to the numerical reasoning tests you may be used to. Prepare for this test with our dedicated pack.

Iris Situational Judgement Tests - this test is specific to graduate recruitment, and is designed to highlight the skills, behaviours, thoughts and judgement of applicants. It is based on scenarios that graduates encounter in their jobs. Learn more about how to prepare and do well in a situational judgement test with our practice pack.

Raven’s Progressive Matrices - a non verbal test designed to assess mental ability, in this test you are being tested on your observation and clear thinking skills, how well you solve problems, your ability to learn, and your abstract reasoning skills in general.

SOSIE - SOSIE is a personality and values measurement tool wrapped in one. The test is designed to assess your fit with the values of the company as well as the skills they are looking for in that position. Prepare for your SOSIE test with our personality test package.

Which companies use Pearson TalentLens tests?

Watson Glaser is one of the most widely used tests with law firms such as Clifford Chance, Hogan Lovells, Linklaters and Simmons & Simmons all using the test in their graduate recruitment.

Other companies who use Pearson TalentLens’s tests include Deloitte and the NHS public health specialists scheme to name just two.

How can I prepare for Pearson TalentLens tests?

JobTestPrep offer dedicated preparation packs for Watson-Glaser, RANRA, the BCAT and UKCAT tests. We have recently developed a Pearson style numerical reasoning test for Deloitte applicants. You can also prepare for situational judgement and personality tests with our dedicated packs.

Pearson Vue Assessment Centres

For some Pearson TalentLens tests (for example the UKCAT or BCAT) you may be asked to take them at a Pearson VUE centre. There are Pearson test centres all around the world. Not everyone in a session will be taking the same test as you, so ensure that you have all the information you need ahead of your test day.

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