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About Management Tests

Management recruitment assessments can be split into two components: a psychometric test and a personality testManagement aptitude tests measure the skills you possess at your level of seniority.

What Is Different about Management Ability Tests?

Executive psychometric tests are similar to other psychometric tests (such as verbal, numerical, or inductive reasoning), but they possess some differences.

  • Management aptitude tests are harder; questions require more complex calculations to solve them.
  • Time allocations per question may be shorter.
  • More emphasis is placed on management skills in the content of the questions.

Senior Management Tests

Senior management tests are usually aimed at chief executives, managing directors, and director-level positions (levels 1 and 2 in the organisation). Testing companies create specific psychometric tests for executive management positions, which are tailored to the requirements of the company and the job. Prepare for your senior manager psychometric tests with our dedicated senior management tests practice packs.

Management Tests

Management assessments are aimed at junior and middle managers. You can expect to take verbal reasoning tests, numerical critical reasoning tests, personality tests, and/or situational judgement tests during this assessments. These tests are usually part of testing companies' graduate/ professional/managerial batteries, although CEB’s SHL has created assessment batteries specifically for managers. In addition to management tests, junior managers and supervisors usually sit tests from the critical reasoning test battery. Prepare for management reasoning tests with our range of preparation packs.

Graduate Management Tests

As a graduate management applicant, you must prove you have a range of skills. The psychometric tests you take are based on the skills typically expected in the sector you are applying to. Personality and situational judgement tests, meanwhile, focus on your management skills.

Manager Psychometric Tests

Management Position Suggested Tests
Senior managers Verbal application/analysis
Numerical reasoning/analysis
Deductive reasoning
Personality test
Situational judgement/management scenarios
Middle and junior managers Verbal critical reasoning/verbal evaluation
Numerical critical reasoning/interpreting data
Inductive reasoning/diagrammatic series
Personality tests
Situational judgement/management scenarios
Graduate managers Verbal reasoning
Numerical reasoning
Personality tests
Situational judgement tests
Retail managers Personality tests
Verbal reasoning
Situational judgement
Sales managers Personality tests
Verbal reasoning
Situational judgement

Preparing for Management Psychometric Tests

Management psychometric tests are designed for a wide range of management levels and professions. The one thing each of these tests has in common is the need to fully prepare. In addition to improving your skills, preparation familiarises you with the tests beforehand. Practise with JobTestPrep to ensure your success.