Fault diagnosis aptitude tests (also known as fault finding aptitude tests) are used in assessing skills for technical personnel and engineers who need to be able to find and repair faults in electronic control systems or similarly fault prone systems.

The Purpose of Fault Finding Aptitude Tests

Fault diagnosis tests assess your basic logic and abstract reasoning skills. The rationale behind these tests is that the problems that may face technicians and engineers can be caused by a variety of factors, most of which are not readily apparent to the naked eye. Rather, pure logic skills and processes of elimination are necessary to finding these problems. Fault diagnosis test questions specifically target these skills.

Fault Diagnosis Test Questions

Fault detection test questions generally show a combination of shapes and symbols used in different “switches”. The person being tested needs to work out the underlying process behind the switch systems as well as discover errors in the system. These abstract switches are presented in the form of a grid or a flowchart. Unlike mechanical aptitude tests, fault finding aptitude tests do not require any prior technical knowledge.

Fault Diagnosis Aptitude Tests Example

What Type of Companies Use These Tests?

Any business looking to hire someone in a technical or electronic field is likely to utilise fault diagnosis tests. This includes roles such as IT experts and technical support positions as well as large public sector jobs like train drivers and civil engineers. Most military organisations together with other defence and security organizations now incorporate Fault Finding aptitude tests. SHL has a Fault Diagnosis test that is widely used by these companies.

SHL Fault Diagnosis Test

The SHL Fault Diagnosis test is an online aptitude test using these type of test questions. It has 36 questions and takes 18 minutes to complete. Preparing for these tests can be helpful, as not only is the content not readily understood but also working under such severe time constraints is something that you are unlikely to have ever done before. This is why taking practise tests and exercises is necessary before you actually take this test. 

How to Prepare for Fault Diagnosis Psychometric Tests Before an Interview

The use of practice tests is essential for succeeding at these assessments. After going through enough practice tests you’ll start to understand the basic logical rules behind most of the questions in these tests. Several of our packs currently include one fault diagnosis aptitude test:

What's Included

  • 6 fault finding aptitude tests with solutions and score reports
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