Prepare for Graduate and Managerial Assessments: Abstract, Numerical and Verbal Reasoning Tests

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The graduate and managerial assessment (GMA) suite of tests was formally administered by CEB's SHL and is now provided by PRD. The assessment contains three reasoning tests - abstract, verbal and numerical. These tests have been specially created to assess candidates and existing staff with higher-level ability and senior management potential. Learn more about the specifics of these tests and the types of questions you may expect below.

Graduate and Managerial Assessment Tests

The GMA group of tests assess the key skills of numerical reasoning, critical thinking (verbal reasoning) and flexibility of thought (abstract reasoning). The GMA performs under the same principles as the assessments you are used to, but there are some interesting quirks to each test. In the sections below we discuss each individual aptitude test.

The GMA tests are paper-based assessments usually taken at an assessment centre. Each individual test lasts 30 minutes, and you may be asked to take all three or any combination of the one or two out of the three tests.

The graduate and managerial assessment is used for assessment and selection at a variety of levels including senior managerial and directors, professionals, middle managers, junior managers, and graduates.


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GMA Abstract Reasoning Test

The graduate and managerial assessment abstract test looks at whether you can think strategically, alongside your capacity for identifying new and changing patterns. The GMA abstract test examines your flexibility to devise new methods and analyse information at different levels.

In this test you are given two sets of patterns, set A and set B. All the patterns in one group are connected to each other, and the patterns in the second set are also similar to each other. You are given a list of shapes and you have to determine whether each one belongs to group A, group B, or neither.

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GMA Numerical Reasoning Test

The graduate and managerial assessment numerical test measures how well you can understand information provided in a numerical format and use it to reason an argument.

The information in this test comes in a variety of formats including a written piece with numbers included, tables, graphs and more. Each set of information is followed by three questions. For each question you are given 16 (!) answer options to choose the correct answer. The same 16 options are used for all the questions on this set of information. The purpose of having 16 answer choices is to eliminate the chance that your correct answer is a lucky guess. As a result you have to have the skills to work out each answer fully.

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*Please note that our pack does not contain 16 answer choices per question, but will help you understand how to identify the correct answer from a list of options.

GMA Verbal Reasoning Test

The graduate and managerial assessment verbal test measures your ability to assess the importance and logic of written information objectively.

You are given a booklet with short passages of text, conveying information or describing a point of view. Below each passage are four statements related to the contents of the text. Based only on the information contained in the text (which is true for the purposes of this test whether you agree with it or not), you have to decide whether the statement is true, false, or you cannot tell without more information.

By practising for this test you can sharpen your analysis skills, learn how to identify nuance in statements and therefore to identify the correct answer. Learn more about how to solve true, false, cannot say questions with our verbal reasoning practice pack.

Graduate and Managerial Assessment Practice Tests

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