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How to Choose the Right Numerical PrepPack™?

The easiest way is to fill in the form below and we'll direct you to the best prepPack™ for your needs.

tailored test prep for numerical reasoning tests

Alternatively you can try choosing according to your test's name or according to the position you're applying for from the list at the top.

So, how to choose then?

1) Choose According to Your Test Name

Most people know their "test name" as the name of the assessment company that provides the test (e.g. SHL, Talent-Q, Kenexa etc.). 

Each employer may use a particular assessment company/test provider, so knowing the test provider before you sit the test can make a huge difference for your application process in terms of best use of your time and prep efforts.

By practising same-style questions as your actual test instead of some generic practice sets, you familiarise yourself with the real test format, questions, time limit and level of difficulty.

And this has the power to get you better results in a shorter amount of time.

Below is a list of the most commonly used test providers that we have developed tailored prep for:

Test Providers
SHL Kenexa
Cubiks Saville
Talent Q cut-e

2) Choose According to Your Job Level/Position

The job market produces dozens of different tests and each employer chooses the tests that best fit its hiring and selection needs. The specific tests you may need to take depend on your job level or the position for which you are applying.


Graduate, Managerial & Operational Tests

  1. Graduate/MGMT Numerical Tests
  2. Operational, Business Support and General Staff Numerical Reasoning Test Practice


Senior Managerial Tests

Most senior managerial jobs require slightly different aptitude tests than those given for other standard jobs. For many it is especially challenging as the tasks present you with long not seen exercises which if you are out of practice are quite challenging.


Short on time all inclusive preppack

Get the All-Inclusive Test Pack for Optimal Coverage


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150 Hours Go into Each Tailored Pack to Bring You the Best Results

Our team of test developers includes trained psychologists and experts who use their know-how to create the most accurate and comprehensive recruitment preparation around.

Extensively research each test topic and frequently update our prep packs to ensure that you get the most accurate and comprehensive test practice available.

Our preparation materials are used by some of the UK’s top universities and news outlets, including the University of Oxford, the University of Cambridge, The Guardian and The Daily Telegraph.


Numerical Reasoning Video Tutorial

Perhaps the hardest struggle before sitting a test is choosing the correct practice. Watch the video below to better acquaint yourself with our packages:


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