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Are you interested in becoming a paramedic? Many paramedic university courses require you to take and pass a paramedic psychometric test as part of the application process. Ensure you get the marks you need with our practice materials set out on this page.
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Interested in learning how to become a paramedic? Applying for a paramedic’s course at any of the universities offering the scheme? As part of the application process, many universities require you to sit a numeracy and possibly a literacy or written test as well. The requirements change for each university, but the numeracy and literacy tests are fairly standard. Learn more about each aptitude test on this page.

What are the paramedic aptitude tests?

You are usually asked to take up to two tests - the numeracy test and the literacy test. The numeracy test is more common, but some universities will require you to take both tests.

Testing usually takes place at an interview day, and there may be more than one testing session in your recruitment process. Many universities set a pass mark in their tests. Read your university’s instructions carefully to make sure you know what the pass mark is.

What skills are tested by the paramedic psychometric test?

Paramedics need to have certain skills in order to do their jobs. The paramedic aptitude tests are designed to assess whether you have the potential to become a paramedic, not what you already know.

  • Paramedic numeracy test examines your ability to understand and calculate basic maths functions, which is a key part of the job as a paramedic with clinical and drug calculations.
  • Paramedic literacy test examines your ability to communicate clearly and to understand written information.

Paramedic Maths Test

The paramedic maths test is usually a 10-20 minute test consisting of mostly mental arithmetic calculations. You may not use a calculator in this test, so you have to be sure that your skills are strong before you go in.

Questions in this test include addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, percentages, conversions of units of measurement, drug calculations, ratios, fractions and more. Most questions will be simple one line questions, but some questions will also be word problems setting out a work based scenario and drug calculations.

Paramedic Test Sample Questions

Here are some examples of the types of question you might see on the test:

  • How many millilitres are in 3.2 litres?
  • What is 1700 divided by 6?
  • Convert 6.3 milligrams into micrograms.
  • ⅓ + ½

The questions may come in a variety of forms but all tests examine the same maths skills. As you cannot use a calculator, having quick, sharp maths skills is very important for this assessment.

Facing a drug calculations test? Find out more about this challenging assessment on our dedicated page!

Paramedic Literacy Test

The paramedic literacy test is a verbal test containing one or more parts. This test is usually a 20-30 minute test based on a passage of information. This passage can vary, but be prepared for some that are several pages long. You have to read the paper and answer questions based on what you have read. The text may be on any topic, not just paramedic related. You have to be able to read the text quickly whilst understanding what you are reading.

You may be asked several different types of questions in your test including finding the similar word (synonyms), multiple choice comprehension questions, and even a free writing section, for example “what are your views on what you have read?”

Prepare for your paramedic aptitude tests

For many universities you need to get a passing score in the tests in order to move to the next stage of the paramedic application process. Taking practice tests will help you achieve that score by familiarising you with the types of questions you will have, sharpening the skills needed to answer those questions, allowing you to answer questions quicker, get more answers correct, and increasing your confidence.

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