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What's Included

  • 3 Talent Q Elements-style numerical tests
  • 14 additional practice tests
  • 8 topic-based practice drills (currencies, percentages, ratios, averages, etc.)
  • 19 numerical reasoning video tutorials and study guides
  • Money back guarantee - see terms and conditions


The Talent Q numerical preparation package contains three full-length tests. Learn more about the specific characteristics of these tests and utilize our practice drills, guides, detailed answer explanations, and score reports to ensure that you are fully prepared. Start practicing today ensure your success.   

Talent Q Elements Numerical Test

Target audience: Graduates, professionals and managers

Number of questions: 12

Time allocated: 90 seconds for the first question on each data set, 75 seconds for each of the remaining questions.

Question types: Graph and table interpretation - usually four questions per set of data.

The Talent Q numerical reasoning test, also known as the Elements numerical, is a graph and table interpretation test, examining the same skills as most other numerical reasoning tests you will come across. The content of the tests is similar to many other numerical reasoning tests found in the assessment market today, however, there are also some significant differences in this assessment, which are set out below. Our tailored Talent Q Elements numerical practice pack includes most of these differences.

The main points of the Elements numerical test are:

  • Time limit per question – The test consists of 12 questions and there is no overall time limit for the test but rather a time limit for each question: 90 seconds for the first question on each table (or set of tables) and 75 seconds for subsequent questions.
  • Increasing levels of difficulty – Talent Q use adaptive testing technology. The questions you receive in the test and your final score is calculated according to your response patterns; the difficulty level of questions is determined by your previous answers - the more questions you get right, the harder the next question is.
  • Multiple distracters – Talent Q's elements numerical test may include 10 or more answer choices per question, far more than the usual four or five. By offering this many choices, Talent Q remove the option to guess. You need to know the answer in order to pick out the correct choice.

Given the differences between this test and the others you may be used to, it is crucial that you practice with a tailored Talent Q numerical test practice pack. By using our pack you can ensure that there are no surprises on the day, and that you have done everything you need to be ready to succeed.

Who Uses Talent Q Tests?

Below is a table of the most popular companies, organizations, and job positions that require candidates to successfully pass Talent Q tests. Outscore the competition with JobTestPrep's PrepPacks™ and ensure your success today.

Company Position(s)
NHS Scientist, project manager, trainee program
RBS  Graduate scheme 
JetStar Pilot & first officer
Citi  Analyst & intern
Royal Mail  Manager, analyst, architect
Bank of England Associate, intern, supervisor 
SCB  Graduate scheme
Simmon & Simmons  Solicitor & graduate schemes 
ING  Sales, manager, IT 
Deutsche Bank  Analyst 
Deloitte Project manager
Volkswagen Graduate scheme & manager
Morgan Stanley Analyst
Hay Group Manager & consultant 
McKinsey  Analyst & associate

It's important to note that while these companies are known to use Talent Q tests, they may also require candidates to take other assessments, sit for interviews, or participate in group exercises.

Prepare for Talent Q

Prepare for Talent Q with JobTestPrep's resources. Watch the video below to see what's in your PrepPack™.

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