The Barclays assessment centre is the final stage in the Barclays hiring process. If you are successful during your phone interview, you will be contacted by the Barclays recruitment office to arrange an assessment day. This is a full day of activities and you will be assessed throughout on your skill and competency levels. 

Barclay’s Numerical Test

This second numerical test is very similar to the one you have already taken. It is provided by CEB’s SHL and the purpose of the test is to verify the scores from your previous test. In this test you are given 35 questions to answer in as many minutes. Some of the questions are of a harder nature than the ones you have already faced. Make sure you are up to date with your practice and skill level. It is important to bear in mind that even if these questions are similar to those you have already passed, this test is taken in a pressured environment thus making the questions more difficult. Get practice here at JobTestPrep.

Group Exercise

In this Barclays assessment you are given a brief together with the other candidates in your group about a fictitious company who, in general, wants to merge with another company. You must complete a cost-benefit analysis as well as answer a number of other points that need to be addressed throughout the time period. Throughout the 90 minute exercise you are given additional information on more options to discuss. Something to bear in mind during this exercise is that time is taken off at certain points throughout proceedings. In addition, you have to prepare notes for a 10 minute presentation which each candidate will give afterwards. Find out how to best showcase your skills during the group exercise.

Barclay’s Presentation Exercise

Following the group exercise, each of the groups will get a chance to present some of their findings. Following the presentations, there is a 15 minute question and answer session with all the candidates in your group. Make sure that you take part in this session as it is impossible to be assessed if you don't express yourself. Find out more about presentations here.

Barclay’s Interview

There are two separate interviews that take place in the assessment centre. The first interview is similar to the Barclays telephone interview. The second interview has a more technical nature. The interviewer asks questions relating to the information found on your CV and you must explain the details you have written and give full examples of any previous job experience you have had. In addition you are asked a variety of brain teasing questions such as to calculate 2×2×2×2×2 as well as some other maths based problems such as working out probabilities. For helpful tips and practice, see our interview preparation pack.

In Summary

In this article we have outlined what you can expect during your day spent at the Barclays assessment centre. By practising your skills in numerical reasoning skills, interview techniques and presentation abilities, you will feel confident in your abilities in the assessment centre. We hope that you have found the information on this page informative and helpful and look forward to helping you throughout the application process. Good luck!