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What Is Deloitte Job Simulation?

Deloitte Job Simulation is a versatile timed assessment of 40 minutes total, combining cognitive drills, video questions, writing responses, and competency-based SJTs. Provided by HireVue, the Job Simulation is Deloitte's second stage of the hiring process after passing the Deloitte Online Immersive Assessment. It is usually given to interns and entry-level positions candidates.

Keep in mind that this assessment is not a walk in the park. Similar to the HSBC Job Simulation, the most challenging aspect is not necessarily the cognitive questions (because it's relatively manageable to prepare) but the video recording, email writing, and SJTs. To answer SJT competency questions to Deloitte's contentment, you should deeply understand their core values. And to write flawless emails to your colleagues or articulately express your professional opinion on the video, it is better to know what is behind such questions and practice your answers before.

Don't worry, we are here to help. Let's start with the 4 question types elaboration.

Deloitte Job Simulation 4 Types of Questions + Samples


Type #1: Video Questions

The video questions are the closest to a real-life interview you will encounter on the Job Simulation. They differ because there is no person on the other side of the screen, and you have to record your answers to pre-written questions. This is called a pre-recorded interview. Don't worry though, you will get practice time, and you will be able to watch your practice recording before the actual take.

The video questions will deal with three main subjects:

  • "Tell us about yourself": You will be asked to introduce yourself to your colleagues as if you were on a video call with them. Only you will be talking to a camera, and you will have to imagine the people on the other side to bring the best out of you and sound charismatic and pleasant.
  • "What do you think about... ": These can be your thoughts about the importance of collegiality or transparency in a workplace.
  • "What's your response to...": This is a more professional question to assess your analysis capabilities. You need to respond to a document containing business information or an email from a customer.

A typical video question will look like this:



You will get a background story followed by instructions or a question, and then record yourself answering. You can see that the time allotted to the task is shown on the right-top of the screen next to the record button, and you can see the time left for your recording.


Deloitte Job Simulation Video Questions Main Challenge and Solution

Main challenge: Talking to a camera

What you can do: Remember that an actual person, perhaps your future teammate or boss, will review your recording. Therefore, make sure you are acting just the same as if you were on a video call. Dress appropriately, raise your energy levels and be as eloquent as possible.


💡Tip: Practice answering similar questions with a friend or a family member before taking the simulation. This will benefit you in two ways – you will practice and memorize your answers and get you into an interview mood. 



Type #2: Written Responses

These questions simulate writing an email to a colleague. For example, you may be asked to summarize your findings from a business report you just analyzed or to explain your problematic behavior to your boss.

This is a cool question since it simulates in the best way what your actual work at Deloitte will look like and allows you to demonstrate your authentic character to the assessors.

However, writing excellent reports and emails is usually not something a person is born with but an acquired skill polished with many hands-on experiences and practice. Since you probably don’t have a whole lifetime to prepare, here are further elaborations and tips to help you write an outstanding email.


Deloitte Job Simulation Written Responses Main Challenge and Solution 

Main challenge: Processing data quickly and then writing the perfect email (which is articulate, coherent, and creative) under tight time constraints.

What you can do: There are two ways to approach this, depending on personal preference and the answer clarity in your head.

Case #1: You know what you want to say: start with the bottom line – your conclusion, and then go back to the beginning and write the introduction and fundamental points.

Case #2: You aren't sure what you want to say: Begin with the primary topics. Perform a quick brainstorming, and write down the main key points. After elaborating on those key points, try to reach an intelligent and unique conclusion to your findings. Make sure you are saying something of your own and not simply summarizing a text. The writing assignment is your chance to make yourself stand out to the recruiters!


💡Tip: To ensure there are no typos or phrasing errors and to save time, you can use a grammar-checking and writing app such as Grammarly. This guarantees that you write eloquently and clears out maximum time to focus on writing great content.



Type #3: Cognitive Multiple Choice

The cognitive section of the Deloitte Job Simulation is mainly numerical and verbal reasoning. It is somewhat similar to the cognitive questions of the immersive online assessment, only that the questions are slightly more complex. The numerical part includes percentages calculation, alongside graphs and table-reading questions. The verbal questions can be specific to a correlation in the given document or a more subjective question, such as identifying the paper's primary goal.


Deloitte Job Simulation Cognitive Main Challenge and Solution

Main challenge: Processing a lot of data quickly and performing fast calculations

What you can do: Use the CEEC Answering technique:

Calculation/ Estimation/ Elimination/ Combination

Calculation - There are cases in which you will need to fully calculate to get the correct answer fully.

Estimation - Sharpen your estimation skills, especially (but not solely) when you are not allowed to use a calculator. Using estimation as a shortcut can be of great value, allowing you to eliminate answer options and saving a considerable amount of time. However, you must be able to differentiate questions in which estimation is not a helpful tool (such as answer options of very close values and questions which require an accurate answer-value).

Elimination -Go over the answer options and eliminate those that stand out as incorrect.

Combination - Keep in mind that there is more than one technique to be used when answering a numerical reasoning question (Calculating & Eliminating / Estimating and Eliminating etc.)


💡Tip: Make sure you have a calculator, paper, and a pen.



Type #4: SJT Ranking

The situational judgment questions are in a most-least ranking format. You will get a question followed by five possible acts you will take as a response, and you will need to rank those options from your most to the least preferable. 1 is what you are most likely to do and 5 is the least likely.

The job simulation's behavioral questions directly connect to the rest of the occurrences and test questions. For example, you may be asked about an incident initiated on the former question, which is now turned and developed. As is customary for situational judgment, the questions will relate to your preferable reactions to a work-related dilemma or your feelings about a complex situation.


Deloitte Job Simulation SJT Ranking Main Challenge and Solution

Main challenge: Unlike numerical or verbal questions that have absolute answers and as you practice more, you are most likely to raise your chances of success, situational judgment questions don't have only one absolute answer since the "right" answer is directly connected to the recruiting company's DNA.

What you can do: One of the most essential attributes for success in SJTs is to know the company's core values by heart and keep them in mind while answering behavioral questions.

The four core values of Deloitte are:

  • Teamwork
  • Creativity
  • Staying positive
  • Leadership


The ONLY Accurate Prep For The Deloitte Job Simulation!

  • Practice questions follow the actual test’s formatting and the world of content
  • Contains info sources as on the actual assessment
  • Detailed answers and explanations to questions

 Do you have a questions about the preparation pack? Feel free to send me an email.

The Deloitte Recruitment Process

The Deloitte recruitment process is rather lengthy and considered very challenging, as expected from one of the biggest firms worldwide. It usually includes four stages:

  1. Online Application
  2. Immersive Online Assessment
  3. Job Simulation (You're here)
  4. Final Stage Assessment​



Under which programmes will I encounter the Deloitte Job Simulation?
  • Graduate Programme, Summer Vacation Scheme, and Industrial Placement for all career paths: August 2022​
  • BrightStart Higher Apprenticeship Programme: November 2022 – May 2023
  • Entry Level Apprenticeship Programme: November 2022 – May 2023
  • Spring Into Deloitte: November – December 2022
  • Career Shapers: November 2022 - May 20223
  • SAICA Graduate Training Programme: January 2023 – March 2023
How long does Deloitte job simulation take?

About 40 minutes.

Is HireVue an actual interview?

It is not a live interview, but an interview simulation in which you record your answers to video questions and let you show a bit more of your personality to recruiters and hiring managers.

What Is The Deloitte Final Stage Assessment?

The Deloitte Final Stage Assessment is the last recruitment stage, passing it will result in an offer from Deloitte. Spring into Deloitte candidates is the only ones who won't go through this stage as their recruitment process ends with the job Simulation.

This screening stage includes:

  • Live Interview 
  • Group Exercise 
  • Presentation 
  • Connect Event 


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