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What's Included

  • 13 SHL-style numerical tests
  • 12 SHL-style verbal tests
  • 11 SHL-style figural reasoning tests
  • 2 SHL-style deductive Reasoning tests
  • A full personality test, along with an OPQ-specific study guide, as well as two other personality study guides
  • 50 single-trait practise tests
  • 20 video tutorials and study guides for different topics
  • Situational Judgment Test Practice
  • Office's Excel Preparation
  • Moneyback guarantee - see our terms & conditions


The PwC graduate jobs are offered in eight different sectors: actuarial, assurance, consulting, deals, legal, tax, technology and teaching.  The PwC school leavers opportunities are also a great chance to gain experience in a range of different business areas before starting a career. The company wants to make sure they are hiring the best of the best, hence uses a thorough application process to do so. Find out how to prepare for the online tests, assessment day and interview below.


Prepare for the PwC Graduate Recruitment Process

The PwC graduate schemes are a great way to begin your future career, but getting there can be a real challenge. With the help of JobTestPrep’s preparation pack, you can greatly improve your skills and increase the chances of getting that long-awaited job offer. 


PwC Graduate Application Process

After passing the online application, students and graduates applying for an internship or a graduate scheme usually need to go through the following stages:

PwC Graduate Recruitment Tests

Most candidates need to complete one or more psychometric tests provided by CEB SHL. These include numerical, verbal, logical and/or personality tests. In some countries, PwC employs cut-e or Cubiks aptitude tests. An additional test often required to complete is the Watson Glaser Test. If you wish, you can read more about the PwC Online Tests.

First Interview

If you manage to successfully pass the online tests, you will be invited to the first of two interviews with PwC. This interview is conducted either face-to-face or by telephone depending on the job for which you have applied. It usually lasts about 45 minutes, with candidates for summer internship and work placement programmes having a shorter interview lasting approximately 20 minutes.

Assessment Centre

The next stage of the recruitment process for graduates and undergraduates is an assessment centre. This includes verification tests for the aptitude tests you previously took. There is also a written communication exercise and further exercise performed either individually or in a group.

Final Interview

The final stage of any student or graduate recruitment process — the final interview — takes place either at the assessment centre or at an arranged time afterwards. You can expect your interviewer to be either a partner or a director from the business area you are looking to join.

Interviews can be the most nerve-wracking part of the process, but preparation is key to helping you stay calm and focused. With the help of our experts’ guide, you can ensure a stellar performance during your interview. The guide, included in our PwC Interview & Assessment Centre Preparation Pack, offers useful tips and insights as well as recommendations for answering common questions.

PwC School Leavers

This pack is designed to help you land your placement in the PwC School Leavers program. To achieve your goal you must complete a series of assessments.

Online Tests

After receiving and reviewing your application, the recruitment team will be in touch with you if they think you show promise. The big hurdle in this process is the online tests.

The online aptitude tests for the PwC school leavers programmes can be provided by CEB SHL. All candidates will face both a numerical and verbal reasoning test from either provider.

Assessment Day

The next stage is the assessment centre, held at one of the offices. During the assessment centre, you can expect a number of different assessments: tests to verify your numerical and verbal scores, group or individual exercises, as well as an in-tray exercise to examine your written communication skills.

Final Interview

The interview is the final stage of the recruitment process and takes place either as part of the assessment day or at an arranged time afterwards. Lasting for about 45 minutes, the interview is held with a senior staff member from the business area you are applying to. Questions focus on your competencies and the interviewer is looking to see passion and enthusiasm in your answers.

Prepare for Success

Between the online aptitude tests, assessment centre and interview, being accepted into a PwC graduate scheme/college or school leavers is a difficult process. Make sure you are up to par beforehand by preparing with the materials we have mentioned above.

PwC, CEB SHL, Saville, Cut-e, Cubiks and other trademarks are the property of their respective trademark holders. None of these trademark holders is affiliated with JobTestPrep or this website. Our materials are designed to help you prepare for the types of assessments you will encounter, but they are not identical to them.


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