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 What Is EY Job Simulation Assessment?

The Cappfinity EY Job Simulation is the 3rd stage of EY's recruitment process, following the online application and assessment tests, most likely the EY One assessment and numerical reasoning test. It combines rank-order situational judgment and personality questions, written assignments, and video questions simulating the everyday scenarios of an EY employee.

The assessment contains 14 timed and untimed questions, which take about an hour to complete (must be in one sitting). Before you start the actual test, you will get a practice round so that you can record yourself answering a sample question and redo it if you'd like.


💡Note: You will likely be invited to take the Job Simulation once you pass the online assessment only if you apply for the following schemes: Discover EY, Summer Internship, Industrial Placements, and Graduate schemes.


"We explore different aspects of your potential role and how your individual strengths will fit at EY".

-EY about the Job Simulation-

EY Job Simulation Questions & Samples

Before we go over the four micro exercises of the assessment, let’s tackle the questions you will encounter while taking it. The EY Online Job Simulation Assessment contains four types of questions:

  • Situational judgment questions
  • Personality profiling questions
  • Video interview questions
  • Free text questions (written questions)


Question Type #1 – Video Interview Questions

This Pre-recorded interview is the biggest portion of the test (and the most time-consuming). You will be presented with a question (usually a situational judgment one) and will be requested to record your response.

For each question, you will have two minutes to prepare and up to two minutes to record your answer.


Question Type #2 – Situational Judgment Questions

Situational judgment questions on the EY Job Simulation Assessment present you with a work-related scenario and ask you to rank five responses from 1 (most likely to do) to 5 (least likely to do).

The test assesses you based on EY's six core values:

  • Adaptability, flexibility, embracing changes, and constantly learning to improve.
  • Innovation and creativity.
  • Curiosity.
  • Collaboration. 
  • Growth orientation. 
  • Responsibility. 

Read below to learn more about Ernst & Young's values.


Question Type #3 – Personality Profiling Questions

Personality profiling questions ask you to self-report your personal preferences and traits. In the EY Online Job Simulation Assessment, they appear as a two-sided scale on which you can place your preference.


Question Type #4 – Free Text Questions

In free text questions, you will be requested to respond to an email from one of your colleagues or managers. The length of your answer can be no more than 3000 characters.

The 5 EY Online Job Simulation Assessment Micro Exercises

The 4 micro exercises of the EY Online Job Simulation Assessment revolve mostly around research and analysis.

Again, let’s take a brief overview of each exercise.


Micro Exercise #1 – Video Set-Up

  • Theme – An introduction to the video interview questions of the assessment, as well as checking that all the technical details are functioning correctly.
  • Question Type – A video interview practice question.
  • Assesses – General personal impression.


Micro Exercise #2 – Working with Clients

  • Theme – You need to answer a customer's email and present them with the recommended ways of action.
  • Question Type – Written answer and Situational judgment. 
  • Assesses – Decision making, business approach, analysis capabilities.


Micro Exercise #3 – SJT Based on a Scenario

  • Theme – You were presented with work-related scenarios and dilemmas.
  • Question Type – Situational judgment. You will be requested to rank the MOST LIKELY and LEAST LIKELY way of acting out of five options.
  • Assesses – Decision-making, business approach.


Micro Exercise #4 – Fictitious Company Analysis

  • Theme – You were requested to explore several problems of a fictitious company.
  • Question Type – Video questions, personality profiling and situational judgment. The fictitious event is presented in the form of a news article.
  • Assesses – Priorities of research, presentation and general approach to research and decision-making.


Micro Exercise #5 – Personal Strengths Interview Questions

  • Theme – You will be asked several "classic" interview questions about yourself.
  • Question Type – Video interview.
  • Assesses –Personal strengths and perspective.

How to Practice and Pass the EY Online Job Simulation Assessment?

Here are two important tips for your Ernst and Young's Online Job Simulation Assessment.


Tip #1 – Do Your Homework

The job simulation includes solving business cases and dealing with hire-ups clients. Therefore, practice complete formal email writing in a short time, research EY's main activity, and see the type of companies they work with. In addition, read about new innovative technologies, Start-up's recent funding, and even subscribe to a finance blog or journal.
These practices will assist you in acing the job Simulation and help you understand whether you find this field exciting and suitable.


Tip #2 – Don't Underestimate The Situation 

Virtual interviews only appeared in our lives in the last couple of years, and to many people, it is still considered a stressful, unfamiliar occasion. Indeed, sitting in front of a camera and discussing your strengths can feel awkward and unnatural. Moreover, it is sometimes hard to remember that real people will check your written answers and watch your video recordings.

Being prepared does not mean only practicing your answering in front of the camera beforehand. It also means ensuring you have a steady internet connection, that your webcam and microphone are working correctly, and even getting well-dressed (seriously!).
The EY Online Assessment is a comprehensive test that in many ways replaces a one-on-one interview. Take it as such!

The Ernst & Young Core Values

One of the most essential attributes for success in Ernst & Young assessment is to know EY's core values by heart and keep them while answering behavioral questions.

The six core values of Ernst & Young are:

Adaptability, flexibility, embracing changes, and constantly learning to improve.

Innovation and creativity. EY is looking for people who are rigorous and start-up minded.

Curiosity. EY's employees are purpose-driven and can ask better questions to seek better answers.

Collaboration. Being inclusive and able to work in an international team.

Growth orientation. It is central to EY to work efficiently, using critical thinking and judgment skills. These will help EY be aligned with the current trends.

Responsibility. Take responsibility and see the implications of your decisions.


💡Note: Although the core values themselves are pretty simple and straightforward, showing EY that you follow them in a natural, unpretentious way, is much harder.

That is why it is crucial to prepare for the value assessment questions with the same effort and mindset you prepare for the cognitive ones.

The EY Experience Day (Assessment Centre)

EY Experience Day is conducted online, and is one of the final stages of recruitment, so congrats! It means you did a pretty good job if you got this far. Then, it is time for the home stretch— you will get an email invitation in which you must confirm your attendance in 48 hours.

The assessment day consists of several sections; you should log on and log off to each. The good news is that you will get the schedule at the begging and know when you have some rest time between the sessions.
The sessions consist introduction, a short interview, a case study, and email writing. An EY official supervises all to guide and assess you.
Practicing for the EY assessment centre is similar to the Job Simulation prep. Do your homework, be on top of things and ensure you and your environment are ready.


"The day is designed to see if you have the strengths needed for your role at EY but it’s also a chance to see if EY is right for you".

-EY on Experience Day-

Business Interview

The content of this interview varies from scheme to scheme. To successfully pass this interview, you should be familiar with the market's current situation in relation to your chosen subject. During the interview, you will be asked numerous questions about the market. You may get asked some brainteaser questions as well.

Some example Ernst & Young business interview questions are:

What do you think about this latest development in the industry?

How would you respond if you were in a position of authority regarding this new directive?

What do you know about the qualification you will receive from the EY graduate scheme you have applied to?

Do you read the Financial Times? What is the headline of today's paper?

How much does the QE2 weigh?

What is the total amount of numbers between 1 and 99?

What will the world be like in 2050, and what impact will this have on EY?

Tell me about EY's initiatives.


Motivational Interview

This interview is solely based on you as a person. In other words, whereas the first interview assessed your business acumen, this interview is used to evaluate your motivation and skills for working with EY.

Some example EY motivational interview questions are:

What demotivates you?

What are you doing to improve yourself as a person?

Tell me about a time when you had to deal with disappointment.

When have you helped someone else achieve a goal?

Do you like helping other people?

For this interview, ensuring that you have a story to back up your answers is vital. This is best done using the STAR method: first talk about the situation, then the problem, and finally how you dealt with it.

Prepare for Your Assessment Centre and Interview

To successfully pass the assessment centre, interview at EY, and get the job you want, you will have to put in a lot of hard work and preparation. To help you do so, JobTestPrep’s experts have created a unique preparation pack.

Our Assessment Centre & Interview preparation pack offers detailed online guides for the different exercises you may need to participate in during the assessment day. These include case studies, presentations, role-plays, group exercises, and interviews. The pack also includes practice materials and tutorials for the numerical test. 


Another great option is to purchase our brand-new preparation for HSBC and Deloitte Job Simulations.

The EY, Deloitte, and HSBC Job Simulations are very similar in structure. Preparing with one of those packs will give you a fair understanding of the test. Only remember to answer the situational judgment questions when keeping in mind EY's core values.

Do you wish to see a designated preparation for the EY Job Simulation? Contact us, and we will do our best to help.


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