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What's Included

  • 32 SHL-Style Tests
  • 1 Full Personality Test
  • 2 Full-Length GIA–Style Tests
  • 2 Error Checking Tests
  • 13 Full-Length cut-e -Style Practice Tests
  • 5 Cubiks-Style Logiks General Intermediate Tests
  • 5 Cubiks-Style Logiks Numerical Advanced Tests
  • 3 Cubiks-Style Logiks Verbal Advanced Tests
  • Assessment Centre Practice - Case Study, Role-Plays, In-Tray & Group Exercises
  • Interviews: Interactive Application & Guides
  • Detailed Study Guides & Video Tutorials
  • Money Back Guarantee – See Terms & Conditions


This PrepPack™ contains 32 SHL-style tests, a complete personality exam, 2 GIA specialized tests, 2 additional error checking exams and 13 cut-e tests. You will also find 5 general intermediates, 5 numerical and 3 advanced verbal tests all within the test provider Cubiks. Furthermore, find a section of the PrepPack™ dedicated to the assessment centre. In a Deloitte assessment centre you could find yourself in various team building scenarios. Thus, we have attached a few guides and tests to help you in this area. As a special bonus, find detail-oriented study guides, video tutorials and a section of the pack with a heavy focus on interviews.

Purpose of the PrePack™

Often times job seekers are nervous when it comes time to find a new job. This is not an irrational fear. The sophistication of the hiring process has excelled in recent years. Companies turn to an array of assessment tests to ensure their incoming workers are measured properly. Through JobTestPrep we can grant you the great opportunity of feeling confident through our step-by-step study guides and test simulations.

Note: Before purchase, be sure you are buying the correct package. JobTestPrep wants to give you as much of an edge as possible. Thus, we have assembled various packages within the Deloitte company. Search "Deloitte" for more options.



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