The UBS intern recruitment process is rigorous, but with extensive practice, you can improve your chances of being selected to work there as an intern. Start preparing yourself now for the company’s tests, interviews, and assessment centre with JobTestPrep.

UBS Situational Judgement Online Tests

The Situational Judgement Test depicts realistic situations and conflicts that are likely to arise in the workplace, and provides response options to these situations. Candidates are asked to choose the most and least effective responses, rate or rank-order them based on their effectiveness. SJTs asses valuable work-related competencies.

UBS Role Play Activity

In general terms, a role play exercise is used to assess your “fit” to the job at hand, by simulating real life situations, in which either the assessors at the assessment centre or hired actors take part in the simulation. They can be used in a group setting, a presentation or in the most common use where a candidate is asked to take a specific role. By putting yourself in the shoes of that person, by becoming that employee, you will be showing the assessors how you will react to different situations and how you go about completing different tasks. 

 UBS Intern Case Study

 Case studies rely on real-life or hypothetical scenarios, in which a client hires the services of one of the above firms in order to improve, or structure, new business strategies whose end target is profit maximization. The assessor first tells the applicant the basic story of the case study, then asks the applicant some questions. The candidate assignment is to ask more questions, understand the issues he is facing and answer the questions.

UBS Intern Group Exercise

Each assessment day contains one if not two group exercises. These can take the form of discussions or tasks to be completed as a team. One of these discussions may be based on the case study theme that runs through the day. Example group exercises include tasks when you are given information about a business situation, a launch of a new product, or a business looking to reduce costs and maintain quality, and a task to discuss strategies for dealing with it, or asked to create a list of priorities for action.

Tailored Tests for You

Get your tailored practice tests that follow the content on the UBS recruitment tests. Our practice pack provides explanations, score reports, and study guides. Start practicing today and increase your chances of landing the job you want.

UBS Intern Hiring Process

The hiring process for UBS interns is competitive and selective. It is comprised of several interviews and a 'super day' also called an assessment centre. Learn more about each of these stages below as well as how we can help you prepare. 

UBS Intern Job Application Process 

To begin your application process at the company, you need to upload your résumé and cover letter. The company will also invite you to complete a brief survey gathering information about your education and work experience. Demographic information may be collected as well. After your documents have been reviewed, you will receive an invitation either for a phone interview with the company’s representatives or a webcam interview, in which questions are prerecorded. If you are unsure that all information on your résumé is presented correctly, you are welcome to send it for a review by specialists. They will peruse it and will tell you how to stress its certain points stronger.

UBS Online Assessment Tests

The most common types of online assessment tests you will encounter in the UBS intern hiring process is a situational judgement test. Improve your chances of excelling in the assessment stage by utilizing JobTestPrep’s practice tests.

Free Situational Judgement Sample Question


UBS Intern Interview

In your interview with UBS, you should expect questions focusing on your competencies, such as collaboration, problem-solving, and customer relations. Come prepared with answers about your experience addressing situations which relate to key competencies relating to the UBS corporate clients solutions position. Use our Interview PrepPack to practice answering interview questions and to ensure a stellar performance during your UBS interview.

UBS Intern Phone Interview

If you are successful during the online testing stage, your next assessment is the UBS telephone interview. The UBS phone interview is mainly competency-based and focuses on assessing you against the key competencies valued at the company. You will be asked about your background and then the interview will move onto the competency questions.

UBS Intern Video Interview 

Video interviews are generally conducted with software in which you are presented with a question and then given time to record your answer. For this interview, it is very important to ensure that you have a story to back up your answers. This is best done using the STAR method: first talk about the situation, then the problem, and finally how you dealt with it.

UBS Intern In-Person Interview

If you were scheduled for a face to face interview, chances are likely it will be a competency-based interview. This type of interview assesses your skills against UBS's values and the requirements of the job for which you are applying. Ahead of the interview, prepare by thinking up as many examples as you can for each required skill. Read up on UBS and the trading job. Draft answers to common questions, and then rehearse answering them.

Sample UBS Interview Questions

Please see examples of questions you may encounter as a potential UBS corporate client solutions position below

  • What's the best stock you've bought?
  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
  • What is your greatest strength?
  • What was one of your greatest challenges, and how did you overcome it?

UBS Assessment Centre

An assessment centre may be the final stage of your application process. The assessment day takes place either at the company campus or at a hired venue. You are evaluated by a series of assessment centre exercises, including both individual and group tasks. These exercises may include an aptitude test, a role-play, a case study, a presentation and an interview. This day gives your prospective employer a rounded profile of your competencies and an insight into your performance in the workplace.

 UBS Intern Position FAQ

What are some tips for succeeding nailing my case study? 

  1. "Delve into" the case study. Reflect your thoughts as the character you were assigned to, and address the corresponding characters you have been asked to report to. 
  2. The test demands time management, prioritisation and distinction between important and peripheral.  
  3. Case study exercises are usually designed to have more than one 'correct' answer; as long as you logically justify your recommendations and they stand up to questioning by the assessor, then your analysis can be regarded in a positive light. 
  4. Don't spend too much time trying to learn the nuances of a particular industry. Focus instead on tackling common challenges faced by most businesses. But don't hesitate to clarify pertinent questions, as listening to clients is just as important as advising them. 
  5. Remember, this is a real client case, so you want to establish the needs of the clients before you can give advice! 
  6. Be confident but not arrogant. When presenting, one must give off the notion that one is speaking with an air of knowledge and authority. However, no one likes it when this turns into over confidence. If this happens, one might end up not listening and missing vital cues from the questioner, and of course clients won't like this either. 
  7. Even though you are working against the clock, take the time to analyse the situation before attempting to make notes or answer the questions. 

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