The UBS analyst recruitment process is rigorous, but with extensive practice, you can improve your chances of being selected. Start preparing yourself now for the company's aptitude tests, interviews, and assessment centre with JobTestPrep.

UBS Talent Q Numerical Online Tests

The Talent Q numerical reasoning test examines your ability to understand numerical data including tables and figures as well as to make deductions and analyses from the data.

UBS Talent Q Verbal Online Tests

The Talent Q Elements Verbal test measures verbal reasoning ability, specifically the ability to understand written information and to evaluate arguments about this information. Candidates are assessed on their ability to understand, interpret and use information provided from a given text.

UBS Talent Q Logical Online Tests

The Talent Q's Elements Logical test measures candidate's ability to work flexibly with unfamiliar information and find solutions. Candidates who perform well on these tests are thought to have greater capacity for conceptual and analytical thought.

UBS Situational Judgement Online Tests

Situational Judgement Tests depict realistic situations and conflicts which are likely to arise in the daily work routine, and provide responses for resolution. Candidates are asked to choose, rate or rank-order these responses. SJTs assess desired competencies and skills.

Tailored Tests for You

JobTestPrep wants to help job seekers get employed. To achieve this aim, we have created a large number of tests most often used by employers as a part of their hiring processes. Our tests will sharpen your different cognitive abilities and improve your professional skills so well that you will pass your tests with ease, even though they may contain new tasks and exercises. JobTestPrep's generic packs of tests also include detailed study guides and answer keys to allow you to locate your weak points and redouble your efforts to eliminate them. Practicing with our resources will open you the door to a successful career at the company. 

UBS Analyst Hiring Process

The UBS analyst hiring process consists of several stages, each one competitive. Each stage tests a different skill that will allow you to show your competency for the job. The stages include online tests, a first round interview and assessment, and an assessment centre which may consist of further assessment tests, a presentation, interview and/or a group exercise. Preparation is key to being successful at each stage. Learn more about each stage below.

UBS Analyst Job Application Process 

Together with submitting your CV and cover letter, you will be asked to complete a short questionnaire when you apply for the position. The questionnaire seeks to collect some demographic information about job applicants. You will also encounter in it questions about your working visa status, education, working history, and disability, among others. You will need to provide personal contact details as well. If your documents satisfy the expectations of the company's recruiters, you will be invited for a phone interview, in which a human resources manager will tell you about the position for which you applied.


UBS Online Assessment Tests

JobTestPrep will prepare you for UBS's pre-employment assessment tests with our practice materials. Studying for these tests is essential to landing a job at UBS. </p>

Free Numerical Reasoning Test Sample Question


UBS Analyst Interview

In this stage, your interviewers are looking for you to give examples from your previous experience to back up your answers. Thus, ahead of the interview, review your CV and prepare a list of examples that can be used to demonstrate your skills against the competencies (COMPANY) is looking for. Use our Interview PrepPack to practice answering interview questions and to ensure a stellar performance during your UBS interview.

UBS Analyst Phone Interview

If you are successful during the online testing stage, your next assessment is the UBS telephone interview. The UBS phone interview is mainly competency-based and focuses on assessing you against the key competencies valued at the company. You will be asked about your background and then the interview will move onto the competency questions.

UBS Analyst Video Interview 

In the next stage of the recruitment process, recruiters use a video interview to assess applicants who were successful in the previous stages. This is a pre-recorded test done via a video programme sent to you by email. You are given 5 or 10 questions to answer (depending on the role) and you have a few seconds to read through the question before the programme begins recording your response. This interview is a way for UBS to get to know you so most of the questions are motivational or competency based. Here are some examples of questions you might be asked: What is the most interesting thing you have learned about UBS from your research? What qualities do you think the placement will bring out in you? Why have you chosen UBS? Before the interview, write out a few notes and examples for yourself to use during the interview. This is best done using the STAR method: first talk about the situation, then the problem, and finally how you dealt with it.

UBS In-person Interview

If you were scheduled for a face to face interview, chances are likely it will be a competency-based interview. This type of interview assesses your skills against UBS's values and the requirements of the job for which you are applying. Ahead of the interview, prepare by thinking up as many examples as you can for each required skill. Read up on UBS and the trading job. Draft answers to common questions, and then rehearse answering them.

Sample UBS Interview Questions

Please see examples of questions you may encounter as a potential UBS corporate client solutions position below

  • How many cars do you think there are in the US? 
  • What did you learn most from your previous experiences?  
  • Why do you want to work for UBS?  
  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years?  
  • If you had $10,000 to invest anywhere, where would you put it? 

UBS Assessment Centre

An assessment centre may be the final stage of your application process. The assessment day takes place either at the company campus or at a hired venue. You are evaluated by a series of assessment centre exercises, including both individual and group tasks. These exercises may include an aptitude test, a role-play, a case study, a presentation and an interview. This day gives your prospective employer a rounded profile of your competencies and an insight into your performance in the workplace.

UBS Corporate Client Solutions Position FAQs

What is the UBS telephone interview?

This is often a preliminary interview. These questions are essentially competency questions, and the interviewers are looking for you to provide examples of where you have displayed these competencies in the past. The STAR method will help you organise your answers. See JobTestPrep's STAR method pages to find out more about how to answer in this way. The telephone interview has some advantages over a regular interview - you can wear comfortable clothing, and keep your answers written out in front of you, but it can also contain the same pressure as an interview when it comes to answering questions.

What is the UBS face to face interview?

Below is just a guide.

There are several different types of questions you may face during your interviews. Most interviews consist of competency-based questions, but some include job-related questions, maths problems, or riddles. You can also expect to be asked about your CV and your motivation regarding the position for which you are applying. The competencies your interviewers will be looking at will stem from the specific requirements of the job for which you are applying as well as from the Amazon leadership principles. These principles are extremely important to the company, so make sure you read about them ahead of the interview. When answering a question during the interview, use the STAR method and refer to these leadership principles.

To help you prepare for your interview and other assessments, we have created a unique preparation pack with all the resources you need. The pack features a detailed interview guide written by our accredited psychologists. This guide covers various aspects of interviews and offers important tips. It discusses, among other things, competency-based questions and how to use the STAR method when answering them. It also provides advice on how to answer common interview questions. The pack offers a brief review of Amazon's leadership principles as well. Going over these principles and reading the guide

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What's Included

  • 3 full-length TalentQ-style Elements Numerical practice tests + 20 additional drills
  • 3 full-length TalentQ-style Elements Verbal practice tests + 7 additional drills
  • 3 full-length TalentQ-style Elements Logical practice tests + 1 additional drill
  • 5 SJT exercises
  • 1 Role Play exercise
  • 2 Group exercises
  • 2 Case Study exercises Interview preparation
  • 6 numerical study guides + 12 video tutorials
  • 1 Talent Q Elements Logics study guide
  • 1 Talent Q Elements Verbal study guide + 2 video tutorials
  • 3 SJT study guides
  • 2 Interview study guides + 1 video tutorial
  • 1 group dynamics study guide
  • 4 case study guides
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