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This PrepPack™ is filled with 13 Cubik-style Logiks examinations broken down into 5 complete general intermediate tests, 5 advanced numerical exams and 3 verbal tests. To further explore the numerical side of the exam, we have included 5 Hudson versions as well as an assessment centre packet that covers topics such as in-tray and group excises, case studies and role-play. We will leave you with additional study guides, video tutorials, and a section focusing on interviews.

Why Invest in this PrepPack™?

No matter which position you are applying for, you can bet that many other people are also applying. You must stick-out in the long candidate pile. To do that, people come to various companies to re-educate himself to become that worker the interviewer has been waiting for. Boost your chances of success with JobTestPrep's helping hand.

Special Note: Deloitte has multiple branches of the company. Here at JobTestPrep, we have taken the liberty of focusing on the different sub-categories of Deloitte to get you as close to the real exams as possible. Thus, be sure you purchase the correct package.

What's Included

  • 5 Full-Length Cubiks-Style Logiks General Intermediate Tests
  • 5 Full-Length Cubiks-Style Logiks Numerical Advanced Tests
  • 3 Full-Length Cubiks-Style Logiks Verbal Advanced Tests
  • 5 Hudson Numerical Reasoning Tests
  • Assessment Centre - Case Study, Role-Plays, In-Tray & Group Exercises
  • Interviews: Interactive Application & Guides
  • Detailed Study Guides & Video Tutorials
  • Money Back Guarantee – See Terms & Conditions

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