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Deloitte implements a complicated and difficult selection process, as they place great importance on selecting quality employees. This process consists of different steps, each with its own specific emphases and points. Whether you are looking for a summer internship, or joining Deloitte’s apprenticeship (Bright Start) or graduate programmes, preparation is essential. Read on for more information.
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Deloitte Online Application Form

The online application form serves as your opportunity to introduce yourself to the recruiters. You will be asked for your personal information, education, and working experience, as well as your motivation for working at Deloitte and why you have chosen the position for which you are applying. This form also allows Deloitte to see if you have done your research regarding the position and the company. Deloitte’s webpage, Twitter page, and Facebook page, as well as its Youtube channel, are great resources for information.

Deloitte Competencies

Throughout the recruitment process your aim should be to ensure that you reference the attributes Deloitte are looking for in each of their applicants. The latest list of competencies to reference in your application are:

  • Communication
  • Achievement of goals
  • Commercial awareness
  • Career motivation
  • Planning and organisational skills
  • Adaptability
  • Problem solving

Game-Based Assessment

The regular psychometric test has been replaced with a game-based assessment. While the games do keep score, this score has no relevance. Since the games aim to evaluate your personality, what counts is the way you play and tackle the different challenges the games pose. Don't worry – there is no need for prior gaming experience! You will be asked to play one of two games, depending on your selected scheme:

Cosmic Cadet

In this game you operate a spaceship across six levels, tackling different obstacles along the way. The game lasts 30 minutes. It measures your ability to focus and process information.

FireFly Freedom

In this game you are tasked with collecting tokens (fireflies) while performing different tasks. The game lasts 20-25 minutes. It measures your thinking style, innovativeness, risk management, and situational awareness.

Don’t worry too much about each game's purpose or about what it aims to measure. The best advice we can give you is to just be yourself and play the game as you would any other. That is why we don’t offer practice material for this part of the application process.

Deloitte Online Aptitude Tests

Situational Strengths

You will be given a scenario based on working at Deloitte and asked to rank a number of different response options according to how you would have responded. This presents Deloitte with an understanding of how you would respond in a range of commonplace work situations.

Numerical Reasoning

This test focuses on your ability to analyse numerical data and draw practical conclusions from it. It is not about your ability to perform complicated calculations. While this test has no time limit, how long you take to answer each question is tracked, so be swift and attentive.

Verbal Critical Reasoning

The final test measures your ability to analyse verbal information by critically evaluating it and drawing logical conclusions. As in the numerical test, time is not limited, but it is measured.

Our Deloitte preparation pack features practice material for all three tests. While these materials are not an exact match for the tests used by Deloitte, they do follow the same principles and thus offer a valuable and important preparation experience.

Service Line Questionnaire

The Service Line questionnaire offers you the opportunity to tell Deloitte which area of its business, or “Service Line” as it is called by Deloitte, interests you as well as which professional qualification you are aiming for.

First-Round Interview

The interview usually takes place in the office you applied to work in and by someone from the specific area (Service Line) you wish to work in. What motivates you, how you operate, your problem- solving skills, and the ways you interact with other people and other traits will be evaluated. These may be reflected in:

  • Different projects you took part in
  • Previous positions and roles
  • Something you’ve achieved and are particularly proud of
  • Activities that took time and effort and that you found challenging

Case Study

A business scenario similar to the work you intend to do for Deloitte will be introduced to you. After carefully reading the scenario, you will be asked questions regarding it. While not an exact match to the case studies used by Deloitte, our practice material will show you how to approach case study assessments and is sure to help you complete this part of the selection process successfully.

Group Exercise

Candidates applying for roles in Consulting (not including Actuarial) must take part in a group exercise. These exercises are often tricky because your immediate response is not always the optimal choice. Our group exercise guide details the theory behind and the proper responses for different situations during the exercise.

Candidate applying for the Scholars scheme take part in the group exercise before the interview.

Final Interview

The final part of the selection process is an interview with a senior employee at Deloitte. During the interview, you will be asked to performe a short presentation (not for candidates for the Scholar scheme).

The Interview

This interview focuses more on your core values: what is important to you and how your skills are suited to Deloitte. Be prepared to discuss what impact you think you will have at Deloitte. It’s important to have some examples to back up your claims.

The Presentation

Your presentation should take no longer than five minutes, along with an additional ten minutes for questions. You will be briefed on the topic beforehand.

The Different Deloitte Employment Schemes

Online App. Form Game Assess. online Tests Service Line 1st. Rnd. Interview** Final Interview
Spring into Deloitte FireFly Freedom X X X
Summer Vacation Scheme X X
Industrial Placement X
Scholars Scheme X No case study
Graduate Programme Cosmic Cadet No case study for Actuarial & Real Estate
**Group exercise for consulting positions only

Deloitte Bright Start Apprenticeship Scheme

The selection process for the Bright Start scheme differs from that of the rest of the schemes in several ways:

  • The numerical and verbal critical reasoning tests have time limits. The numerical test is composed of 21 questions that must be answered in 30 minutes, and the verbal critical reasoning test is composed of 40 questions that must also be answered in 30 minutes. The topics and question types are the same as those found on the untimed numerical and verbal tests, so you can certainty benefit by practising the tests featured in our preparation pack.

  • There is only one interview at the end of the process, and it is preceded by an assessment day featuring a group exercise and a written exercise. The group exercise holds to the same principles discussed in the practice pack tutorials. The written exercise is similar in nature to a case study analysis, also discussed in the preparation pack. You will be given several sources of information to draw from, and the exercise lasts a total of 50 minutes.

  • The final interview is your chance to talk about your preferred service line. It also features a presentation. As with the other schemes, it will be short and you will be briefed about the topic beforehand.

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