Ace Your Bain Online Test With Accurate and Updated Preparation [2024]

As one of the world's leading consulting firms and with a strong graduate programme, Bain & Company is a great place to make your mark. However, you'll have to ace Bain's online assessment and interviews to get a job with them.

Bain's online test is provided by Sova and is quite challenging, even if you are prepared. It includes multiple sections (depending on the specific job), and you must work fast as time is an important scoring factor.

Luckily, we created tailored Bain practice tests and interview prep (updated for 2024) to help you improve your skills and score higher than the competition.

JobTestPrep has been researching the Bain Test since 2018, basing its practice tests on phone interviewscustomer feedback, and the actual test itself. Here's the entire practice plan:

  • Numerical Reasoning - get familiar with your straights and weaknesses by taking a complete Sova numerical simulation. Then, practice tens of additional graph and table reading questions and take the second simulation to witness your improvement.

  • Verbal Reasoning - practice basic, intermediate, and advanced reasoning questions in the form of True, False, or Cannot say.

  • Logical Reasoning - 1. take a logical simulation 2. practice tens of questions in a "complete the sequence" format 3. take a second simulation to witness your improvement.

  • Situational Judgment (SJT) - practice your reaction to work-related scenarios based on Bain's core values.

  • Personality and interview preparation - learn how to be portrayed as an ideal candidate in the Bain personality test by practicing a real test with thorough explanations on each question. To complete the preparation, get our experts' tips on standing out in an interview, overcoming anxiety, and get familiar with frequently asked questions.

This page includes Bain Sova assessment practice questions (and answers), information on the Bain recruitment process, Bain interview questions, and thorough elaboration of the Bain aptitude test's different subjects.

Bain has recently introduced Pymetrics as one of its pre-employment assessment tools. If you are about to take the Pymetrics Games test as part of your hiring process, check out the Pymetrics Preparation Course, with accurate simulations of 12 games.

Bain & Company Tests
  • Numerical 2 Full Sova simulations + 10 extra practice tests
  • Verbal 11 practice tests
  • Logical 2 Full Sova style tests + 3 extra practice tests
  • SJT 5 practice tests
  • Personality and interview preparation
  • Study guides and video tutorials

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Bain's Online Aptitude Tests

Provided by Sova assessments, the Bain online test includes various subjects such as math, verbal, abstract reasoning, situational judgment, and personality tests. The evaluation isn't time-limited, and no timer is displayed on the screen. However, answering speed is measured and affects the final score. 

Some may find the Sova assessment material difficult, and working under pressure can be challenging. Therefore, Practice and Knowledge are vital to improving solving time, reducing anxiety, and acing the Bain test.

A combination of accuracy and time taken to respond will be used to calculate the final results.

- Bain & Company Online Assessment-


Bain & Company's Online Test Subjects:

Let's review each section so you'll familiarize yourself with the test (including sample questions)

Bain & Company Numerical Test Practice

The Bain & Company numerical test is business-oriented and aims to evaluate candidates' table & graph reading skills and ability to assess numbers and data logically. There are approximately 15 questions to the test, each with 4 answering options. The questions contain a graph or a table filled with information, alongside several calculous questions about the data presented.

A calculator is allowed. Therefore focus your practice on understanding the questions and improving your solving time rather than the mental calculations.


The sample question below simulates Bain's numerical questions in terms of their graph-based nature, their level of difficulty, and the excessive quantity of answer options.


Give it a try!

Numerical Sample Question:


Some of the employees were laid off after 3 months of their recruitment - these recruitments are considered unsuccessful. Clara has a 0.75 success rate in recruiting for customer service companies and a 0.8 success rate in recruiting for high-tech companies.


What is the difference between the successful recruitments between the customer service field and the high-tech field in 2015?





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First, let's identify how many employees were recruited for the high-tech and customer service field in 2015:

High-tech: 15

Customer service: 56

Then you should calculate how many of the recruitments were successful in each field:

High-tech: 15 x 0.8 = 12

Customer service: 56 x 0.75 = 42

Then you should subtract the high-tech recruits from the customer service recruits to get the difference: 

42 - 12 = 30

Thus, the correct answer is (B) 30.

The above question is one of the easiest questions in the actual Bain Sova assessment. If you found it difficult, you should continue practicing by strengthening your math skills, starting with easy-moderate questions like this until you are ready to take it to the next level with more challenging exercises. If you solve it without a problem, you are on the right way to acing the Bain aptitude test! Just make sure you also succeed with the more challenging exercises.  

You can find low, moderate, and high difficulty level questions designed specially to prepare for the Sova Bain test in JobTestPrep Bain PrepPack.



Bain & Company Verbal Reasoning Test

The Bain Verbal Reasoning Test is designated to assess your reading comprehension and verbal critical reasoning abilities. Each question will begin with a statement of facts that you are to regard as true.

For each statement of facts, you will find several possible inferences - conclusions that some persons might draw from the stated facts. You are to examine each inference separately and to make a decision as to its degree of truth or falsity.

The degree of truth or falsity in the Bain verbal test is rated on a 3-item scale:

  • True

  • False

  • Cannot say

Let's see an example.

Verbal sample question:

Chemical engineers have manipulated the genetic code of Escherichia coli (E. coli), a common gut bacterium, turning it into an efficient biological factory that can chew up plant-derived sugar to produce chemicals, medicines, and fuel. Genes that enabled biodiesel production—esters (organic compounds) of fatty acids and ethanol—were incorporated directly. The fuel that is produced by E. coli can now be used directly as biodiesel. In contrast, fats or oils from plants must be chemically esterified before they can be used. More importantly, researchers have also imported genes that allow E. coli to secrete enzymes that break down the tough material that makes up the bulk of plants—cellulose, specifically hemicellulose—and produce the sugar needed to fuel this process.

 Biodiesel is composed of esters of fatty acids and ethanol.




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True.  The passage says: Genes that enabled the production of biodiesel— esters (organic compounds) of fatty acids and ethanol— [...]. What is named between the hyphens are the components of biodiesel. 


Tip💡: stick to the information given in the statement, and do not mix it with general knowledge or personal opinions.


Bain & Company Abstract Reasoning Test

The Bain & Company logical reasoning test is focused on diagrammatic reasoning.

When taking the actual test, you will not be limited on time but instead tested on your ability to solve the questions in the shortest time possible.

In a series, you are given a sequence of objects that appear in a certain order, and it's your task to understand which feature changes and how.

The correct answer is the one that fits the changes and matches the order of the other objects in the given series.

Being familiar with this type of test is the best way to prepare as you will learn the underlying concepts and rules that govern this test.

Ready to try it for yourself?

Abstract Reasoning Sample Question:

Bain's Online Test


Bain Online Test


Which option below follows next in the series shown? 





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The correct answer is D:

In each step, the heart shape switches places with the adjacent shape in a anticlockwise fashion. The other two shapes stay where they are.

Note: Although in answers (1) and (3) the heart shape is found in the right place, these options are not correct as the other shapes are acting randomly.

Answer (5) is the only option that maintains the pattern for all the shapes.

In our full preparation package, you will get hundreds of questions and drills with full explanations, so you will know exactly how to answer each question you will encounter. 




Bain's - Sova Situation Judgment Test

A common thought is that there is no right or wrong answer to a situation judgment question. Why? Because each question places you in a work-related situation to determine how you will react.

The purpose is to analyze your personality; the only way to do that is to remain truthful. However, this is wrong. The fact of the matter is that some answers are preferable than others.

The best practice is researching the company you are applying to and learning their core values. Here you can try to create a duplication of what they are looking for.

Want to try it for yourself? Check it out!

SJT sample question:

The company you work for is experiencing financial difficulties. You have thought of a creative solution that will enable the recruitment of more clients.

However, the downside is that the company will have to let go of a stable, loyal, but not-so-profitable client (due to conflict of interest). Two out of three marketing people agree with you, while your manager does not because she believes this is too risky.

What would you do in this situation?

This response exhibits your understanding of the organisational structure and demonstrates your ability to work under management, specifically to follow the chain of command, as you stand by your superior's decision.

This is not a bad choice.

However, it shows a lack of determination and effort to achieve your goal, and hence a lack of achievement striving as you easily give up on your idea. 

This response demonstrates achievement striving as you try to advance your idea forward.

You present the advantages of your idea in an orderly fashion, using a rational argument, thus demonstrating good persuasion and motivation skills.

You understand that if your manager keeps objecting, you must accept her position and follow her instructions.

This response shows determination, on the one hand, and the ability to conform to the organisational structure and follow the chain of command, on the other.

This therefore shows a balance between the two desirable competencies: working under management and achievement striving. 

This response demonstrates conviction and determination.

However, you completely ignore the organisational structure by going behind your manager's back, thus demonstrating your inability to work under management.

Furthermore, if your manager is correct in this step being risky, your actions may have severe ramifications.

This is an extremely negative choice reflecting poor judgement, defiance, and disloyalty towards your superior. 

You are positive that you are right. You have the marketing people to back you and will not give up until you convince your manager otherwise.

This response demonstrates achievement striving and is positive in the sense that you are determined to convince your manager that your idea is good for the organisation.

However, this response shows poor social skills, specifically poor persuasion, and motivation skills, as you don't conduct an open discussion with your manager. Rather, you try to coerce her into accepting your idea. 


In our full preparation package, you will get hundreds of questions and drills with full explanations, so you will know exactly how to answer each question you encounter. 

Prepare For Your Bain Online Test

By practicing for the Bain and Company aptitude and personality tests in addition to the interview process, you will be able to dramatically improve your chances of getting that job.

Our PrepPack™ offers a wide range of materials that include Sova-style numerical, verbal, and abstract tests. Also included are situational judgment tests (SJTs), study guides, and video tutorials.

Bain's Interviews and Personality Test

If you are successful in the online tests, you will be invited to the case study interviews.

The first round of case study interviews is held in an assessment centre and consists of two different interviews: a market sizing case study interview and a broad case study interview.

Get more info on Bain's interviews right here:

This Bain interview begins with a few basic competency questions such as 'When was a time you failed?' or 'What is your greatest strength?'

In the remaining time, the assessors then ask you to analyse a common industry such as TVs or cars.

This interview is performed by a manager and consists solely of a case study.

The case is more detailed than the previous one and you are asked to analyse data and perform calculations at this point.

If you are successful in the first round, you will be invited to the second round of case study interviews.

Much like the first, the second round is held in an assessment centre and consists of three interviews: a case study, an experience and a written interview.

This is the third case study interview you encounter during your Bain interview process.

The assessor presents you with an issue and you must break down the problem into parts and identify possible solutions. The focus here is your problem-solving skills so there is no right answer.

Assessors are looking at your thought process and if it is suitable for Bain & Company. Make sure to get your Bain case interview practice.

The experience interview is a more traditional CV based interview.

This Bain interview questions will most likely be regarding your CV, work experience and behavioural questions.

The aim of the interview is to get a better picture of how you work and to learn more about you.

The interview is very similar to the case study interviews you have previously done.

The only difference is that you give written rather than verbal answers. You are provided with a 20-30 slide PowerPoint presentation that describes a situation you may encounter with clients.

In approximately 55 minutes you must review the slides and write a short synopsis and give your recommendations. It is a good idea to practise written case studies before this interview to help with time management and giving good, concise answers. 

Following this preparation, you must give a 45-minute presentation where you discuss your recommendations with the interviewer. The interviewer may challenge your suggestions in order to simulate a real client situation.

Get advice on how to handle a written exercise on our advice page and to practise presentations with our presentation preparation pack.

The 2 part interview process is the most important stage as it is where Bain & Company assessors can get a full picture of how you work. Bain & Company makes a conscious effort to provide and warm and welcoming environment and the assessors are known for being friendly.

Preparation and confidence are your keys to success in this section and you can use JobTestPrep’s interview preparation pack for your Bain interview prep, and get yourself ready. 

Here you will be given true/false/cannot say statements and rate on a scale of 1 to 10.

The purpose of the questions is to measure your characteristics, behaviour, strengths and weaknesses.

The scenarios mostly include work-related situations to recreate and predict possible outcomes of your personality.

Bain Values

One of the most important attributes for success in Bain & Co SJT and Personality assessments is to get familiar with Bain's core values and keep them in mind while answering behavioral questions.

The four core values of Bain & Co are:

  • Passion & Commitment - for results and client's success.

  • Honesty & Openness - speak in a straightforward language and be open to new perspectives.

  • Practical - "getting the job done" attitude is key.

  • One Team - directing the collective energy toward achieving great things.

Although the core values are pretty straightforward, showing Bain that you follow them naturally, unpretentiously is much harder.

That is why it is crucial to prepare for the value assessment questions with the same effort and mindset you prepare for the cognitive ones.


Bain Recruitment Process

The Bain & Company online application is fairly straightforward. You are asked to provide basic details followed by questions about your academic career.

There is also an opportunity to upload a CV and cover letter.

Throughout the process, it is important to have Bain & Company competencies in mind.

Problem-Solving: As a consultant, a large part of your job is helping clients overcome challenges. Good problem solvers who are able to think creatively and find pragmatic solutions make for strong candidates.

Ability to Lead: Bain & Company looks for candidates who can be leaders in teams as well as guide clients toward effective change. Any leadership experience you have from work, school or extracurricular activities should be highlighted.

Results Delivery: The ability to solve problems and lead are just part of it. Bain & Company seek candidates who can deliver positive, effective results that really make a difference.

Passion: Enthusiasm and commitment to change are what Bain & Company value most. Bain & Company want candidates who show their passion and energy for solving issues and strive for success.