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Weir Thomas International Psychometric Testing

After conducting thorough research, JobTestPrep has determined that Weir has a tendency to use Thomas International as their main provider. This is good news for you since we can grant you access to this particular test. That way when you take the actual exam you will feel prepared. Even something as minuscule as the format of the exam likely will be less bothersome. Begin to practice and study instantaneously by clicking the button below.

Weir Hiring Process

Below is a typical outline of Weir's Recruitment process:

  • Online CV Submission: Most past Weir job applicants have used Weir’s main website to apply. On their main website, you can find a thorough list of jobs around the globe. Each job description is detailed with key responsibilities and requirements in terms of qualifications, knowledge and education. Sometimes you’ll even be able to view videos to further comprehend what you are signing up for.
  • Pre-Employment Telephone Screening: If Weir's upper-management is impressed with your CV application, you will receive a telephone interview. This interview is usually long and thorough. HR wants to ensure you are a good fit for Weir’s vacant position.
  • Weir Testing: After your telephone conversation, you will likely be asked to take a psychometric personality test. If you line up professionally, that’s great! However, will you prosper in the Weir employment body? The personality and SJT tests will answer these questions. Each test can be modified for the exact traits the company is looking for. Hence, there is no wrong answer. You must answer truthfully. You can begin practising to have a better comprehension of what to expect by clicking here.
  • Face-to-Face/Skype Interview: Depending on your location from the branch you are applying for, you could be asked to Skype in for an interview. Otherwise, you will go in-house for an interview. In both cases, you’ll likely sit across from a panel who will interview you. It isn’t until the final interview that you will be one-on-one with your direct supervisor. Good luck!
  • Assessment Centre: Assessment centres are gaining more popularity in the application of many different companies. The belief is that day-long event will provide a more accurate view of your suitability for the position you are applying for. The theory is traditional testing and interviewing is simply not enough to make the correct hiring decision. Hence, during the assessment centre, you will not simply be tested and interviewed, you will also be asked to participate in group discussions, case studies and in-tray exercises.

Weir Interview Questions

No matter if you are long since a professional or freshly out of university, any help can assist you in the hiring process. Below are a few sample questions you can begin to practice:

    • Q: Are you willing to relocate?

A: With Weir branches spread over five separate continents, this is a legitimate question. Your dream job may just be within reach yet, will you change countries for it?

    • Q: Tell us about Weir.

A: Your Weir interviewer does not expect you to know everything about the company. They simply are trying to gauge your enthusiasm for the position and company. Thus, it’s always a good idea to do a little research before the conversation.

    • Q: How will your previous work experience contribute to our success?

This is your chance to shine. Think back on your experiences and highlight your triumphs for your interviewer.

Weir Subsidiaries
Aspir Pty., Ltd BDK Engineering Industries Limited Cheong Foundry Sdn. Bhd. Delta Industrial Valves, Inc.
EnviroTech Pumpsystems, Inc. Hicom International Pty Ltd. KOP Surface Products Pte Ltd Linatex Rubber Products Sdn Bhd
Mathena, Inc. Multiflo Pumps Pty Ltd. Neyrfor-Weir Ltd. NovaTech, LLC
R. Wales & Son Ltd. S.P.M. Flow Control, Inc. Seaboard International Specialised Petroleum Manufacturing Ltd.
Standard Oilfield Services Limited Suzhou Manufacturing Co. Trio Engineered Products, Inc. Vulco S.A.
Wesco Abu Dhabi Xmeco Foundry (Pty) Ltd. Ynfiniti Engineering Services S.L.  

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