About British Gas

British Gas is the UK's leading energy supplier and is a subsidiary of Centrica PLC. It employs thousands of workers in various positions. The varied opportunities at British Gas make it an exciting place to work. There are more than nine programmes available to graduates alone, including engineering, HR, and finance. The recruitment process is very similar to Centrica’s, albeitwith a few variations. This page deals with the four common stages of the application process.

British Gas Application Form

British Gas and Centrica share an application. The online application form is a very important part of the Centrica application process. In addition to entering all of your personal information and qualifications, you must also answer several competency questions. These questions are designed to help you demonstrate your abilities in a regular everyday setting.

Centrica-British Gas Competencies

Your answers should demonstrate that you have put Centrica's key competencies into practice throughout your life thus far. The competencies, known in Centrica as 'leadership behaviours' are as follows:

  • Being one team – building and maintaining effective working relationships
  • Creating a positive environment – having a positive impact through self-awareness and social skills
  • Putting our customers first – delivering excellent customer service
  • Seizing responsibility – taking initiative and setingt high standards for oneself
  • Seeing beyond our own goals – looking at the bigger picture and recognising the impact of your actions
  • Learning agility – learning from experience to perform in new or changing situations
  • Drive – focusing energy on what will make a difference and delivering results exceptionally
  • Manages relationships – communicating/collaborating effectively to get the best from people

You must show you possess these qualities and incorporate them into your answers. Do so using the STAR method where you explain how you have used these competencies through a real-life situation.

British Gas Online Tests

As part of the application form, you will be invited to sit sveral British Gas online ability tests. You must complete them to progress to the next stage of the application process. There are four possible tests you may be asked to take. These tests are provided by the Criterion Partnership test company.

Numerical Reasoning Test

You are provided with numerical data in the form of tables and graphs. You are then given a series of business-related multiple-choice questions to answer. This test assesses your ability to identify trends across a range of data and to combine statistics from different sources to establish new information patterns. Numeracy skills are important to British Gas, and your score on this test will help determine whether or not your application moves forward. Get the preparation you need with our Utopia–style numerical reasoning practice tests.

Verbal Reasoning Test

You are presented with a paragraph of information on a certain subject as well as subsequent statements about the text You must determine whether each statement is true, false, or you cannot say. These tests are used to measure different aspects of critical thinking and reasoning. Get ahead of the competition with Utopia–style verbal reasoning practice tests.

Personality Questionnaire

This questionnaire is used to assess how you react to various stresses that can occur at work. Personality questionnaires are also used to understand your approach and values in relation to your job. You are given a number of statements and asked to rate the responses from 'highly agree' to 'highly disagree'. Understanding how these tests work enables you to make the right impression. Although there are no right or wrong answers on this test, knowing how to answer personality questions is essential. Learn more about our personality tests on our dedicated page.

Situational Judgement Test (SJT)

In addition to the aforementioned three tests, you are required to take a situational judgment test (SJT). This test is used to measure your ability to find effective ways to handle real life situations, including behavioural and managerial skills. Familiarise yourself with this type of test with our practice SJTs

British Gas Mechanical Reasoning Test

For candidates applying to apprenticeship roles, you may be asked to take a mechanical reasoning test. This is a 20-minute multiple-choice test that asks questions related to your mechanical knowledge. For example, a question may include a diagram of two cogs and ask you how cog X is expected to move if cog Y moves in one direction. As British Gas is seeking this specific skill set, it’s important to show the best of your abilities on this test. Using our mechanical reasoning practice pack can help you do just that.

British Gas Telephone Interview

Depending on the role you have applied for, you may be invited to a telephone interview. This interview can focus on general competencies and/or a role play. The type of interview you encounter depends on the position you are applying to. You will be told beforehand what types of questions you can expect. Each position at British Gas has its own set of competencies which are listed on the job application form. Review the competencies before your interview and have a real life example to give. You can use our interview preparation pack to get yourself ready.

If you are successful in this interview, you will be asked to attend a British Gas assessment centre.

British Gas Assessment Day

The final stage of the application process is the British Gas assessment centre. After a brief presentation from British Gas, you may be asked to participate in any of the following activities:

Verification of British Gas Online Tests

These are a repeat of the online ability tests you took previously. They are conducted to verify your earlier scores. Make sure you have done extra practice for these tests as they may be longer than the 15-minute tests you have already taken.

British Gas Role-Play Exercise

The content of the role-play exercise depends on what position you have applied for. One typical situation you may face is an irate customer who complains about the bill, the service, or anything else that comes to mind. Another situation is that you are asked to try and sell something to a customer. This exercise lasts for about 10 minutes, and you can prepare yourself by garnering a full understanding of the competencies British Gas wants to see in you. As this exercise shows off important skills to the assessors, a good performance is vital.

British Gas Competency-Based Interview

This interview is based on the answers you gave in your previous online ability tests, and it evaluates your competency levels as well. Make sure to go over the job description and try and remember exactly how you answered in your ability tests. In addition, it is very worthwhile to find someone who will give you a practice interview.


If you have applied for the engineering department, you must make a presentation. During the presentation, you will be asked some technical questions pertaining to the job you've applied for as well as made to use some of your skills to construct something. Be sure to sharpen your presentation skills beforehand. 

Prepare for British Gas

Following a successful assessment day, you are well on your way to getting a job offer from British Gas. Whether you are applying as an apprentice, graduate, or experienced hire, British Gas is a great place to work. Prepare with JobTestPrep today to ensure you get the job.