Complete FTI Consulting Assessment & Interview Preparation

Preparing to land a career with FTI Consulting means practising before the hiring process begins. You may face the FTI Consulting aptitude test stage which is intended to help employers assess your cognitive abilities and strengths. With JobTestPrep you are offered exclusive PrepPacks™ which include CEB’s SHL tests to ready you for your pre-employment exams. Empower yourself with our study guides, test simulations, and interview preparation to pass your FTI Consulting ability test with ease!

Note: The Pymetrics games are quickly being adopted by the consulting industry as the main assessment tool. f you have been requested to take a Pymetrics Games test as part of your hiring process, check out our Complete Pymetrics Guide.

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Prepare for the FTI Consulting Employment Process

FTI Consulting, Inc. is a universal business advisory firm devoted to helping organisations make positive changes, lessen risks and resolve challenges. FTI Consulting aims to hire and train the best candidates, so they can provide clients with the finest assistance in overcoming business challenges. Additionally, the New Hire Orientation program gives employees a boost in their career and other training methods are implemented in the FTI Consulting internship program as well.

The FTI Consulting step-by-step hiring process is given below:

  • Application: The application process can be filled out online and a CV can be attached along with a cover letter. Graduates may also apply at their college or university’s career centre for either a full-time or summer internship program at both undergraduate and graduate levels.
  • Telephone Interview: A brief screening phone conversation may occur for an HR representative to assess interviewees’ background.
  • In-Person Interview: The face-to-face interview procedure may include several stages with one or two interviewers or with a panel of managers. Initial interviews may be held on campus and last around 30- 60 minutes. Candidates may also go through an office interview with 3-6 professionals as well as an assessment centre day which includes group discussions and exercises.
  • Tests: Employers may allocate both online and in-person entrance exams to measure candidates’ compatibility for the jobs they applied for.

FTI Consulting Aptitude Test Stage

Psychometric tests are comprised of numerous aptitude tests which are generally administered during the hiring process to assess candidates at all levels and reach a consistent assessment. CEB’s SHL tests may be implemented to evaluate applicants’ cognitive abilities, ranging from their numerical, logical, and verbal reasoning skills. Candidates’ mathematical familiarity, decision-making tactics, written comprehension, and logical analysis abilities are examined based on their results. Assessment tests which give insight into personality traits and behavioural predispositions in work-related scenarios are the situational judgement (SJT) and personality tests.

FTI Consulting Interview Questions

Interviews may consist of behavioural and traditional questions during the first stages. Technical or case-related questions may be asked as the interview process goes along to the final stages. It is important to conduct research and acquire the practise materials needed so you can come prepared. Sample interview questions are as follows:

      • Do you know SQL?
      • How do you handle stressful situations?
      • How would you define a healthy company?
      • Describe a time when you were given a project with minimal direction as to how to go about the project.
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