Prepare for Baker Hughes Assessment Centre and Interview

Baker Hughes is a global oil and gas company, with a range of engineering and specialist technical jobs available in over 80 countries across the globe. Recruitment to positions can vary depending on the role, but learn how to navigate this process with JobTestPrep.

Baker Hughes Assessment Centre
  • 2 Bennett Mechanical practice tests
  • 22 Mechanical practice tests
  • 9 number series practice tests
  • 9 numerical drills
  • 13 numerical reasoning (tables & graphs) tests
  • 9 word problems practice tests
  • 8 study guides
  • 11 video tutorials

In this PrepPack™ you will find a number of mechanical tests, numerical reasoning tests as well as video tutorials and study guides. 

About the Baker Hughes PrepPacks

Once you have passed the Baker Hughes Experience, the final stage is a job offer. Your aim throughout the recruitment process is to reach this point, and the way to do this is to prepare thoroughly at each stage. We included the PrepPacks such as the mechanical comprehension test pack, the interview pack and more to help you succeed. Start your Baker Hughes career with the help of JobTestPrep.

Baker Hughes Online Application

The application form is your first introduction to Baker Hughes, so it is important to use it wisely. The key task is to ensure that your application form and accompanying CV demonstrate that you meet the criteria for working in this area of Baker Hughes. This may differ depending on the job or location you are applying to, so ensure that you read all the information you are given before starting your form. The form also contains questions about you, and you must ensure that you answer them all fully, illustrating your skills with examples. Always use the STAR method (situation, task, action, and result) when giving examples of previous experience.

Your CV should complement your application form and the answers you have given about yourself, without repeating too much information. 


Pass the Baker Hughes Mechanical Tests and Other Assessments

If you want to sail through your pre-employment assessment with ease, practice with JobTestPrep’s exclusive tutoring resources. Purchase our high-quality PrepPack™ and start making a successful career at Baker Hughes.

Baker Hughes Telephone/ Video Interview

If your application passes through the first hurdle, you are next invited to take a pre-recorded video interview. In this interview, you are asked to record your answers to a set of around 8 pre-recorded questions. You are given 5 minutes to answer each question, and you are usually only allowed to record your answer to each question once. It is important to prepare in advance for an interview like this one, and ensure that you have a comfortable and quiet location with a good internet connection to take your test. The video interview is a new addition to the process, and some of you may still be asked to schedule a phone interview.

Questions at this stage of the Baker Hughes recruitment process will focus on your skills and work behaviours. Prepare examples from your experience when you have demonstrated certain skills. Once again use the STAR method to organise your answers.

Baker Hughes interview questions include:

  • Give me three reasons why we should employ you.
  • Tell me about a time you were behind in a project.
  • What is your greatest achievement?
  • Give me an example of when you have used your technical knowledge to resolve a situation? And what was the outcome?

Prepare for this interview by reading up on Baker Hughes and the job you are applying to. Brush up on the technical skills needed for your job, and ensure you can talk about them. Prepare with a mock interview which gives you the opportunity to rehearse your answers in front of a trained assessor who can give you feedback.

Baker Hughes English Test

Baker Hughes work in English and require that all their employees are able to communicate and work to some level in English too. This stage of the recruitment process involves an online English test for all non-native English speakers. You are required to achieve a Belit (Business English Language Test) level 5.

If you successfully come through this stage of the process you will be asked to attend the Baker Hughes Experience. Please be aware that you may not hear if you have been successful until weeks after the interview.

Baker Hughes Experience

The Baker Hughes Experience is a two-day assessment centre. The Experience is an opportunity for Baker Hughes to observe how you work, your personality and how you interact with your peers as well as any managers attending. There are up to 20 candidates at a Baker Hughes Experience, and 10 observing managers. You have to perform at your best throughout the entire two days, making them very challenging and exhausting. Sessions involve presentations from managers about their areas of work, icebreakers, as well as a set of exercises including: written exercises, case study exercise, group exercises for example building a rig, including a debate (group have to debate four potential responses to a situation, each defending their own point), and interviews. For field specialist jobs there are also technical tasks such as mechanical assembly tests.

Baker Hughes Recruitment Process

Baker Hughes recruit across a range of levels, including internships, field specialists, the graduate scheme, and experienced professionals. Jobs can be anywhere in the world, but as the common language is English, so is the recruitment process. In this article we will look at the recruitment process for the Baker Hughes graduate scheme, however, elements of this page will be useful for all levels of recruitment.

The Baker Hughes graduate scheme recruitment process is broadly the same across all four areas (field engineering, supply chain, technology and commercial), and contains four stages; we've listed and explain each above.