Rio Tinto Graduate Program

The Rio Tinto Graduate Program allows new graduates to take an active part in the Rio Tinto business from day one. The company as a whole is a global mining and metals company. However, despite this, they are not just interested in receiving graduates who have a specific focus towards engineering based subjects.

In order to gain entry onto the Rio Tinto Graduate Scheme, you have to apply to any of graduate jobs that are posted and begin the Rio Tinto recruitment process.

Rio Tinto Recruitment Process

The Rio Tinto Recruitment Process getting you into the Rio Tinto Graduate Scheme begins with the application form. The online application form should take around 30 minutes to complete but you should take your time and prepare some of the content separately, in order to give it plenty of time and thought. This will form the first impression so you want to ensure that your application will stand out.

If your application is successful, you will be invited to take an online test.

Rio Tinto Online Tests

The Rio Tinto Online test is the next stage of the application process for the Rio Tinto Graduate Scheme. The test is provided by SHL. Here at JobTestPrep we have resources to help you prepare for SHL tests.

The exact nature of these tests will depend on the role which you have applied for. If you have applied for a role in Engineering you should expect to take some engineering based tests, in addition to the numerical reasoning and verbal reasoning tests that others will do. It is critically important that you prepare for the tests before you attempt the actual test to help improve your chances of getting a high mark and progressing to the next stage of the process. Depending on the nature of the role which you have applied for will depend on which tests you will face. For example, those wishing to enter Rio Tinto in a role that involves engineering, will also need to take a mechanical test.

Rio Tinto Phone Interview

Following on from the online testing, providing you have been successful, you will be asked to take part in a telephone interview. The Rio Tinto telephone interview is a fairly basic interview where they normally will ask questions based on your CV. They just want to check your communication skills. Typical questions will usually involve the routine, "Why Rio Tinto?" and "Why did you apply to the role?" It is possible to prepare for a telephone interview or indeed any interview and JobTestPrep has the materials available to help you prepare.

Rio Tinto Assessment Centre

By successfully getting through the telephone interview you will be invited to attend the Rio Tinto Assessment Centre.

On your assessment day you will be required to carry out a number of activities. These activities will include additional interviews, group based activities and further online tests.

Interview – The interview will be face-to-face. There will be two interviews, one with a member of the HR team and the other with a member of the technical team who may ask more technical as well as specific questions relating to the role you applied for. Start preparing for your interview.

Group work – The group work is designed to assess your performance with other people and to determine if you are a team player. You will be faced with a situation which you will need to discuss with your team and arrive at appropriate conclusions. Prepare for group work with JobTestPrep's guidance materials.

Aptitude tests – Further aptitude tests will be carried to confirm your performance in previous tests. These tests will also be provided by SHL so you should ensure you are fully up to speed and give yourself plenty of time to practice them beforehand. JobTestPrep is here to help you with that.

Providing that you are fully prepared, you should be in with a good chance of succeeding and landing your job at Rio Tinto, good luck.