RWE Online Test Preparation

Preparing for the RWE online test is no easy feat and requires intensive preparation. You will face a wide range of subjects and questions, which can be daunting.

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RWE Test Practice
  • 7 SHL-style numerical reasoning practice tests
  • 7 SHL-style verbal practice tests
  • 11 inductive reasoning tests
  • 5 SHL-style checking tests
  • 2 SHL-style deductive reasoning tests
  • 9 Matrices tests
  • 20 study guides and video tutorials
  • Money back guarantee – see terms and conditions

This PrepPack™ offers SHL-style numerical, verbal, inductive, deductive and checking tests, as well as guides and tutorials.

The Hiring Process of RWE

Applying to RWE can be a long and tedious process. RWE wants to ensure they hire the right people for their staff. Thus, they dedicate a lot of time deciding who to choose. Many times, the full hiring process takes over 2 months to complete. Below is a brief outline of the application process:

  • Online CV Submission: Be sure to have your CV in its best condition. Detailed information about past experiences is important. RWE scans candidates CVs as a primary way of deciding who to call back for the following screening process. (Tip: Since the application process is long, it is recommended to contact the Human Resources Manager to ensure your CV is not forgotten.)
  • Telephone Interview: After you’ve sent your CV to RWE, it can take a month for the company to invite you for a telephone interview. Be prepared to answer difficult skill questions. This goal is to determine if you are a serious candidate.
  • In-Person Interview: The process at RWE is a slow one. To receive an invitation for an onsite interview can take 2 to 3 weeks after your mobile session. Once you reach the in-person interview itself, it is likely to take an hour to an hour and a half.
  • Second Interview: Depending on the position you are applying for, RWE may request you to come back for a second interview.

Special Note for Graduate Students

RWE understands that not everyone is professional. The company has taken an interest to help groom the younger generation. The hiring process is similar to the professional route. Below are the slight differences:

  • Online Application: You can find the application on RWE’s main website. Take note that you can apply only particular times of the year.
  • CV uploading: Once you’ve applied, you will be able to upload your CV to the main website.
  • Exams: Be sure to keep a day open and begin online numerical reasoning and other tests.
  • Telephone Interviews: RWE understands that as a student your time is limited. Therefore, RWE will probably contact you a few times via telephone. This way, RWE can assure you are a correct candidate for their position.
  • Assessment Centre: Expect to spend a day onsite having group exercises, interviews, watching presentations, taking more exams and having a psychometric test.

 Potential Interview Questions

 Interviewing can be hard and unexpected questions can surface. Here are a few examples:

  • Technical Questions
  • Personality Questions
  • Explain the Power Industry
  • Why did you choose to apply to RWE?


RWE Subsidiaries
Bc-Erômû Kft. BGE Beteiligungs-Gesellschaft für Energieunternehmen mbH Btb Netz Gmbh Energie Sachsen Brandenburg Ag
EWR AG Fri-El SpA GBV Dreiundzwanzigste Gesellschaft für Beteiligungsverwaltung GWG Netzgesellschaft GmbH
Hermann Hollmann GmbH & Co. HIDROERG-Projectos Energéticos Hortimax SARL Innogy
Kazinc-Therm Futoeromu Kft Koblenzer Verkehrs-Service GmbH Kraftwerksbeteiligungs-OHG der RWE Power AG und der PreussenElektra GmbH Lindhurst Wind Farm Limited
MEGA Monheimer Elektrizitäts- und Gasversorgung GmbH Naturstrom Rheinland-Pfalz GmbH Nebelhornbahn AG Neue Energie Groß-Gerau GmbH
NV Energiewacht Groep ReEnergie Niederrhein Biogas Schwalmtal GmbH & Co. KG Rhenas Insurance Limited RW Energie-Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG
Scaris Investment Limited Viavera GmbH Westland Energie Services B.V. WINKRA Krusemark 6 Windparkbetriebsgesellschaft mbH