Simon, Kucher & Partners Assessment Test

Do you love to conduct research and compile new methods of strategizing the marketing world to further help a company succeed? If so, Simon, Kucher & Partners will likely hire you for their consulting business. However, before you can embark the new journey, you must surpass the aptitude and psychometric exams. Through JobTestPrep, we can grant you access to various test simulations that will leave you confident and ready for your upcoming job interview. Our PrepPack™ includes:

Simon, Kucher & Partners Exam Preparation
  • 7 SHL numerical test simulations
  • 7 SHL verbal test simulations
  • 11 SHL inductive test simulations
  • 2 SHL deductive test simulations
  • 5 SHL checking test simulations
  • 16 study guides and video tutorials

Simon, Kucher & Partners Exams

Simon, Kucher & Partners tests can include but are not limited to abstract, numerical and verbal. Each of these entrance examinations stress a certain branch of mental comprehension. Simon, Kucher & Partners are simply trying to access your skills to better access if they should continue the recruitment process with you. Whether you take a behavioural test or not, be prepared to answered questions on the topic. In most cases, Simon, Kucher & Partners focus on them (pre) employment.

Simon, Kucher & Partners Hiring Process

Interviewing through Simon, Kucher & Partners is generally a positive experience. Prior applicants have reported that the management hiring team was friendly and personally interested in them. The full application process can take 3 to 4 weeks while upper management applicants can expect to finish their screening process in over 2 months.

  • Online CV Submission: Most applicants apply on Simon, Kucher & Partners personal website. Here you can upload your CV and, depending on the job you are applying for, you likely will take a few assessment tests.
  • Telephone Screening: Whether you are called up via mobile or are called in for an in-person interview. Previous candidates have admitted that the process entails two in-depth interviews, followed by a definite in-person third interview. Questions tend to circulate on behavioural and personality.
  • In-Person Interview: Higher management candidates stated that Simon, Kucher & Partners have gone on record for flying in their potential employee to meet higher management.
  • Assessment Centre: An Assessment Center interview is a day-long process where potential employees go through a series of solo and group interviews. Furthermore, they will attend presentations about the company, highlighting what they will be expected to do. Lastly, the candidates' likely will do group exercises that can include job simulation assessments like scenario situations and role-playing.

Simon, Kucher & Partners Interview Questions

JobTestPrep wants to give the preparation you need to land your future career with Simon, Kucher & Partners. We understand that this process is not always the easiest and want to allow the (pre) employment transition to be as smooth as possible. Here are a few common interview questions you can practise for your upcoming interviews:

    • What draws you to the world of pricing?
    • Tell me about your experience in leadership.
    • Give us an example for a challenge you experience.
    • Why would you like to work for Simon Kucher Partners?
    • Name a product that has been excellently priced on the market.