Prepare for ScottishPower Aptitude Tests and Assessment Centre for All Programmes

Are you applying to ScottishPower? There are a myriad of roles to apply for and this page will help you understand what challenges you face as part of the recruitment process and how to get through successfully with the help of JobTestPrep.

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About ScottishPower

ScottishPower is one of the leading companies in the energy sector that operates within the United Kingdom. They run a number of programmes including a graduate scheme, apprenticeship programmes, an Engineering Foundation programme, a Power Engineering Programme and a Trainee craftsman programme. The recruitment process may differ from one scheme to another, but they all share an initial application process which we outline below.

ScottishPower Application Form

The recruitment process for all jobs begins with submitting an online application. This is your first opportunity to market yourself and show the recruiters why you’re the right candidate for the job. Make sure to pay special attention to the open-ended questions where you can go into more detail and find examples that support your application such as your motivation for joining the programme and why you have chosen ScottishPower.

Once you have submitted your application, each programme has a slightly different assessment process which follows. 

Aptitude Tests and Assessment Centres with ScottishPower

ProgrammeAptitude TestsAssessment Centre
ApprenticeshipDSI, Numerical and Technical ReasoningPractical Test and Interview
Engineering FoundationsDSI, Numerical and Technical ReasoningInterview
Graduate SchemeNumerical, Verbal and Inductive Reasoning, and Situational Judgement TestCase Study, Presentation, Group Exercise and Interview

The ScottishPower Core Values

Below are the key characteristics ScottishPower is looking for in applicants. Tailor your answers to suit these values and to better understand ScottishPower’s stance and vision:

  • Getting work done while constantly improving your performance
  • Communicating with other and influencing them
  • Emphasis on the customer
  • Flexibility and open-mindedness
  • Team player
  • Taking initiative and leadership
  • Being creative and innovative

Prepare for Success

The recruitment process for the various ScottishPower schemes is difficult as the competition to join is high. The energy company is looking to make sure they hire the best candidates around and do this by assessing applicants through a series of challenging tests, exercises and interviews. Preparation beforehand can make a big difference in your performance by helping you understand the tests more fully and reviewing skills that may be rusty. Explore our website to learn more about the practice packs we offer to help you succeed.