Prepare for BP Numerical, Verbal and SJT Tests (2024)

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BP Numerical and Verbal Test

The BP Numerical and Verbal reasoning tests, also known as Swift Analysis Numerical & Verbal Assessment, are designed by Saville to assess BP's candidates' ability to process and analyse numerical and verbal information accurately and efficiently. The test consists of 2 subtests: 

  • The Numerical Reasoning test is designed to measure a candidate's proficiency in working with numbers, data interpretation, and critical reasoning. It consists of 16 questions, and each question is timed individually and differently. Overall, this section takes around 12 minutes to complete.
  • The Verbal reasoning test, on the other hand, assesses a candidate's ability to understand, analyse and draw conclusions from written information. It consists of 16 questions, and each question is timed individually and differently. Overall, this section takes around 12 minutes to complete.

You can find out more information by viewing our Saville Assessments overview video or scrolling down for sample questions and answers:


Now, Let's take a look at some sample questions:


Numerical Reasoning Question


Recent studies indicate that the number of adults who enjoy playing video games is growing by 20% every year, while the number of children who play video games isn’t expected to change. How long will it take for the number of adults who play video games to exceed the number of children in the survey sample?

A. 2 Years
B. 4 Years
C. 7 Years
D. 9 Years
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

21% of 2,400 children play video games = 504 children
2% of 7,600 adults play video games = 152 adults
Adults playing video games in a certain year = Adults playing video games in the previous year x 1.2
After 1 year, there will be 152 x 1.2 = 182 adults playing video games
After 2 years, there will be 182 x 1.2 = 218 adults playing video games
After 3 years, there will be 218 x 1.2 = 262 adults playing video games
After 4 years, there will be 262 x 1.2 = 314 adults playing video games
After 5 years, there will be 314 x 1.2 = 377 adults playing video games
After 6 years, there will be 377 x 1.2 = 452 adults playing video games
After 7 years, there will be 452 x 1.2 = 542 adults playing video games, which exceeds the number of children playing video games in the survey.
After 7 years, there will be more adults than children playing video games.
The answer is 7 years.

Shortcut: If we look at the calculation detailed above, we can see we have simply multiplied 152 by 1.2, then multiplied the result by 1.2, and so forth until we got a number greater than 504 (152 x 1.2 x 1.2 x 1.2 x 1.2 x 1.2 x 1.2 x 1.2 > 504). When using a calculator, this question can be solved quickly – we need only to multiply 152 by 1.2 repeatedly until we reach a number greater than 504.

Verbal Reasoning Question

Read the following paragraph, and answer the question below:
A day of national mourning is a day marked by mourning and memorial activities observed among the majority of a country's populace. The nation's government designates most. Sociologists claim that national mourning is both a symbolic political gesture as well as a meaningful expression of grief. On the one hand, predetermined mourning days reflect and create a national community united in sorrow. On the other hand, many mourning days instigated by the people, such as Princess Diana’s funeral, reflect a spontaneous outbreak of pure grief manifested in the closing of shops and banks, the postponement of sports events, and the cancellation of theatre and cinema performances. Although the fervour of the mourning can differ dramatically from one country to another, there is no doubt that a day of collective grief is beneficial to national unity.
Which activity is most likely to be accomplished on a day of national mourning?

A. Buying a new dress
B. Attending a football game
C. Taking a loan
D. Visiting a doctor
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

According to the sentence describing a day of mourning, such as the day of Princess Diana's funeral, manifestations may include: “…the closing of shops and banks, the postponement of sports events and the cancellation of theatre and cinema performances.” We can therefore deduce that out of the four answer choices, the activity most likely to be accomplished on a day of national mourning is visiting the doctor.


Feel Like You're Not Ready Yet?

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BP Situational Judgement Test

The BP Situational Judgment Test is designed to assess a candidate's decision-making skills and ability to handle work-related situations effectively. The test aims to assess a candidate's ability to understand workplace policies, work collaboratively with colleagues, handle conflicts, manage priorities, and communicate effectively.

The test presents candidates with a series of hypothetical workplace scenarios likely to be encountered in the job role they are applying for. Candidates are then asked to select the most appropriate course of action from a list of multiple-choice responses. 

Let's take a look at a sample question:

You are a technology consultant in a big firm. You are in the final stages of implementing a new manufacturing system for an important client when your manager contacts you. Although he was involved in the different stages of the project, he has now decided that an additional technological system should be offered to the client to improve a different aspect of the manufacturing process. He is keen to secure more business with this client and confident this is in the best interest of the client's business. You fear that at this stage of the project, it is too late to offer an additional system as the staff is already struggling to adapt to the new system you have implemented and that it may result in the firm being viewed in an unfavourable way.

What would you do in this situation?
Rank order the options below, with 1 being what you are most likely to do and 4 being what you are least likely to do.

  • Response #1: You decide not to offer your client the additional system. You feel that you understand the client's needs better as you are on the site. When you return, you will explain this to your manager.
  • Response #2: You initiate an online conversation with your manager where you voice your concerns. You listen to his arguments and reach a mutual decision.
  • Response #3: You initiate an online conversation with your manager and the client. You present your manager's offer to the client and let them discuss it between themselves.
  • Response #4: You agree to offer the client the additional system. Although you are not sure about this decision, you feel that your manager has considerations to take into account that you are not aware of.
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Primary competencies: Working under a management
Secondary competencies: Persuasion; Motivation and negotiation skills; Resilience/determination; Social skills
The correct order is: 2 -> 4 -> 3 -> 1

Explanation: This scenario is an uncomfortable situation in which you and your manager hold different opinions on a specific matter. On the one hand, he is your superior; you should listen to his opinion and follow his requests. On the other hand, your opinion might be of value to the company and you should not give up so easily on your ideas. So, the most favourable response here is the one that takes into account both your role in the company and your ability to negotiate your ideas with respect to your superiors.

Let's consider each response separately:
Response #1: While you may feel that you are correct in judging the situation, you must not forget your position in the company. This response neglects to take your manager's point of view into account. Disobeying a manager and acting behind their back portrays you in a negative way. Thus, it is a negative response choice.

Response #2: This response offers a reasonable compromise between following your manager's request and voicing out your opinion. This is a positive response choice.

Response #3: It might not seem so at first glance, but this response is a passive response and thus it is a negative response choice. Instead of dealing with the conflict of opinions between yourself and your manager, you avoid it by suggesting that your manager and client talk it out.

Response #4: In this response, you do not make an effort to convince your manager, rather, you passively accept his opinion. However, your rationale reflects trust in your manager’s judgment and acceptance of the chain of command. This response is not the best response, but it isn’t a negative one either. Although you don’t show any negotiation skills or people skills, you do demonstrate an understanding of company hierarchy and an ability to accept authority.

Both response #1 and #3 are negative response choices. However, the first response is worse than the third response because disobeying a superior and going behind his back are extremely negative behaviours.

BP Graduate Program & Application Process

BP graduate programs provide excellent opportunities for graduates to start their careers. The programs typically run for two to three years and offer graduates the chance to gain hands-on experience in a range of areas, including engineering, business, science, and technology. They provide a supportive environment, regular training and development opportunities, mentoring, and a network of experienced professionals to learn from. Graduates in the program also receive a competitive salary, benefits, and a structured career path. BP's graduate programs are highly sought after, and competition is fierce, but successful candidates can expect to embark on an exciting and fulfilling career with a global leader in the energy industry.

The BP Graduate Programs Application Process includes 5 Steps:

  • Stage 1: Fill out the Online Application Questionnaire, submit your CV and complete the BP Situational Judgement Test.
  • Stage 2: Complete the BP Numerical and Verbal Test
  • Stage 3: Complete a Video Interview
  • Stage 4: Face-to-face Technical Interview
  • Stage 5: Online Assessment Centre


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