Practise The Equinor Graduate Programme Sova Package

Gain a higher score with our condense Equinor Graduate Programme Sova assessment. Here, find exams loaded with tables and graphs, 'next in the series' packs and SJT's. Boost your confidence today to be prepared for the upcoming exam tomorrow.

Equinor Graduate Programme Sova Test

Sova-Style Simulations and Tests:

  • 4 Logical Reasoning practice tests
  • 2 Full Numerical Reasoning simulations
  • 11 Verbal Reasoning practice tests


Extra Practice:

  • 10 numerical reasoning practice tests
  • 4 checking and accuracy practice tests
  • 5 SJT practice tests
  • Personality and interview preparation
  • 8 study guides and video tutorials



Shir, Sova Assessment Expert at JobTestPrep
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Inside this specialise PrepPack™, find 16 table and graphs, 14 'next in the series' tests and 5 SJT's. We have included 8 video study guides. One PDF study guide is strictly on SJT while the other video study guides take on topics such as percentages, ratios, arithmetic and more. If you are not satisfied, receive your money back guaranteed.

Who Should Take this Pack?

This PrepPack™ is for those who are applying for the summer internship programme. The programme is geared for those who are between the second year of their Bachelor's degree up to their first year of their Master's. If you have fit this criteria then you have come to the right place. Practise the necessary materials to get your foot inside the door today!