Prepare for the Sellafield Aptitude Tests, Video Interview & Assessment Centre

Are you applying to Sellafield? Nervous about the application process and what to expect from the tests? Find out what’s involved in the Sellafield recruitment process and how to prepare with JobTestPrep.

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About Sellafield

Sellafield is a nuclear waste management company, with jobs ranging from business management and human resources to science and maths-related fields. No matter the position, the Sellafield application process can be tough. As Sellafield has a variety of positions in their graduate scheme, which also has the most extensive recruitment process, we review those steps below.

Sellafield Application Form

The Sellafield application is the first step of the process and requires you to provide your basic information, a personal statement of why you have chosen Sellafield and a copy of your CV. Once submitted, your application will be reviewed by the recruitment team and if they are interested, you will be sent a series of psychometric tests to complete.

Sellafield Aptitude Tests

Once your application form has been approved by the Sellafield recruitment team, you are invited to take the Sellafield aptitude tests. These tests are provided by CEB’s SHL and include numerical and verbal reasoning tests. Passing these tests is essential in order to move on to the next stage in the application process. Therefore, preparation beforehand is a must.

SHL Numerical Reasoning

Numerical reasoning presents a two-fold challenge as you not only need to solve difficult maths equations but you also must do so under a tight time constraint. The Sellafield numerical reasoning tests last between 15-20 minutes and consists of 18 questions. Each question presents a set of numerical data in the form of a table or graph for you to read and understand in order to answer the question using basic maths functions. Polish up your maths skills before the test with our SHL-style numerical reasoning practice pack, or take a free SHL test.

SHL Verbal Reasoning

Much like the numerical reasoning test, verbal reasoning also involves a lot of questions in very little time. The Sellafield verbal reasoning test is 20 minutes long with 30 questions to answer. Each set of questions involves a short passage you need to read and analyse quickly. The questions each include a statement and your job is to decide whether the statement is true, false, or you cannot say based on the information in the passage. Get the hang of these tricky tests with our SHL-style verbal reasoning practice pack.

Sellafield Video Interview

If you perform well on the Sellafield aptitude tests, the next order of business is the video interview. Unlike a traditional, live interview, video interviews are conducted via software which asks questions and records your answers. The beauty of this type of interview is that you can do it from the comfort of your home at any time that is convenient for you. The interview is competency-based, meaning that Sellafield wants to know where you have shown strengths and weaknesses in the past and examples can help illustrate your answers. To prepare, have a copy of your CV handy and make any notes you feel can help you. Research the company so that when you are asked why you have chosen Sellafield, you can give an intelligent answer. Our free guide to interviews PDF and interview preparation platform can improve your skills and build your confidence for the interview day.

Sellafield Assessment Centre

Following an impressive interview, you will be invited to take part in the Sellafield assessment centre. The assessment centre includes a range of activities, including individual and group interviews, group exercises and, possibly, a second round of aptitude tests to verify your earlier scores.

Prepare for Success

With the right preparation and practice materials, that job at Sellafield is very likely to be part of your future. Understanding the company and position you are applying for are key elements to a good performance during the application process. JobTestPrep has provided you with plenty of resources within this page to ensure that you will be well prepared.