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Do you have to take a Revelian (formally Onetest) test? Here we will present the different tests that Revelian offer their customers and point you in the right direction to high quality practice materials.
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Revelian (formally Onetest) is a popular Australian psychometric assessment company, providing services to both local and global enterprises. Some of their clients include Suncorp, BMW (Australia), RSM Bird, AMP, Technip, Woodside, Chevron, PPB Advisory, and Telstra. Thousands of candidates worldwide come across their ability tests during their job selection processes.

There are a number of different types of assessment and psychometric tests that Revelian offer and we will outline them below.

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Cognitive Ability Test

Revelian’s cognitive ability test (formerly known as the OCAT) is a 51-question, 20-minute test that combines all the popular cognitive evaluation questions. It combines logical problems through numbers, words and shapes such as word math problems, verbal syllogisms, spatial reasoning, abstract reasoning and more. For more information see our dedicated page on the Revelian cognitive ability test.

Revelian Numerical Reasoning Test

Similar to the numerical section of the cognitive ability test this test assesses your ability to grasp numerical concepts, solve problems using numerical information and make sound, logical decisions involving numbers. There are 25 questions in this 12 minute test so you must work quickly to ensure you finish in the time given. Learn more about numerical tests and practice them to ensure you get the best result possible.

Revelian Verbal Reasoning Test

In this test there are 35 questions to complete in just 10 minutes. The aim of this test is to judge your ability to quickly grasp written concepts, use verbal information to effectively solve problems, and make sound, logical decisions involving words and verbal information.

Revelian Abstract Reasoning Test

In this test there are 32 questions to answer in just 10 minutes. Not based on language, these tests are considered the fairest style of psychometric testing available. You are assessed on your ability to quickly grasp new, ambiguous and complex concepts, effectively solve problems using nonverbal information, and make sound, logical decisions involving abstract information.

Work Preferences Profile

This test contains 84 questions and should only take you 15 minutes to complete. However it is untimed to give you the chance to answer every single question. This is a personality test and aims to help predict job satisfaction, productivity and decrease employee turnover. It is based on the following areas:

  • Quantitative: working with numbers
  • Investigative: reasoning and research
  • Clerical: administrative tasks
  • Manual: working with your hands
  • Interpersonal: interaction with other people
  • Creative: showing your innovativeness
  • Selling: promotional areas
  • Mobile: work performed outdoors

The questions do not test your actual ability in the above areas but your willingness and desire to work in these areas.

16 Personality Factor Questionnaire (16PF®)

This test has 170 questions that are based on the following skills: Relating to others, influence and collaboration, thinking style, structure and flexibility, and management of pressure. This personality test normally takes about 30 minutes to complete and predicts your work behaviour, communication skills and your performance levels. It is used by many different companies and is considered a good predicator of success. Knowing the personality of employees and candidates improves on-the-job performance, productivity, job satisfaction and allows easier building of team cohesion.

Work Safety Assessment

This test contains 77 questions that assess your attitude towards safety control, risk aversion, stress management, attitudes toward violence, and drug aversion. In this test you are presented with a series of statements relating to the above areas and you have to decide whether you agree or disagree with it. This gives the employer a deeper understanding of your ability to work safely regarding both you and your interaction with your future colleagues.

Behavioural Profile

This 24 question test is generally used as a later step in the recruitment process. After the assessment deciding whether a candidate has the requisite skills, the company needs to decide if they are a good fit. This is done through means of this Revelian test as it predicts likely workplace behaviour. This test is based on four different behavioural styles:

  • Compliance – approach to rules
  • Dominance – approach to problems and challenges
  • Influencing – approach to social situations
  • Steadiness – approach to pace of the environment

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NSW Ambulance, Revelian Test, June 2015

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