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Revelian is an Australian pre-employment assessment company. There are 4 types of Revelian tests: numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning, abstract reasoning and the cognitive ability test.

The Revelian cognitive ability test (RCAT) is a combination of the first three exams, which includes questions regarding each of the different subjects. 

If you don’t know which test you are going to face, then focus on practising with the most widely-used cognitive ability test, which covers all three test types! Most employers choose this test as part of their application process because it supplies them with a well-rounded assessment.

Here you can find sample questions for each one of the tests. If you want to practise more - take a look at our full tailored all-inclusive practice pack for the Revelian test. 

1) Revelian Reasoning Tests

Revelian Reasoning test questions gradually move up in their level of difficulty, but all questions are rated the same. For this reason, you should take extra care to get the easier questions right. There is no penalty for getting an answer wrong, so feel free to make an educated guess whenever you feel stuck on a specific question.

If you've completed your test and still have extra time, then go back to previous questions to makes changes and double-check that your answers are correct. Most test-takers don't manage to answer all of the test questions in the given time-frame, so don't be hard on yourself. By practising as much as possible, you will able to hone your guessing strategy and gain the upper-hand over your competition. For a more extensive walk-through, see our all-inclusive tailored practice pack.

The 4 main Revelian tests are:


Revelian Cognitive Ability Test (RCAT) 

revelian cognitive ability

51 questions

20 min

No penalty for wrong answers | Revising answers is possible.

In the RCAT section of the test, you will be given 20 minutes to complete 51 verbal, numerical and abstract reasoning questions.

This test measures your reasoning abilities by relaying your ability to acquire, organise, retain and apply information. The subject matter is made up of common questions.

Do you want to ace the Revelian cognitive ability test? If so, practising with a real tailored simulation test instead of a generic exam is the right way to go!

Revelian Abstract Reasoning Test 

revelian abstract reasoning

32 questions

10 min

No penalty for wrong answers | Revising answers is possible.

The Revelian Abstract Reasoning Test specialises in finding how well you work with theoretical problems. For example, you will be asked to detect relationships between shapes, scrutinise patterns and assess diagrams.

It will be your job to go through as many of the 32 problems as you can in the 10-minute time constraint.


Let's jump into practising some abstract sample questions:

Basic Question

Which 2 of the items below do not belong with the others?


revelian test sample question

✔ The correct answer is (B) and (E).

All the items except item (B) and (E) have identical counterparts:

(A) and (F) are identical.

(C) and (D) are identical.

Items (B) and (E) are the only ones that do not have identical counterparts.

Advanced Question

Which 2 of the items below do not belong with the others?

 revelian test sample question

✔ The correct answer is (B) and (C).

Items (A), (D), (E), and (F) all contain shapes who have a total of 12 sides, when you count the sides of all of the shapes in a given item.

For example, item (E) contains a single shape with 12 sides.

Same thing goes for item (A), which contains 3 shapes – one with 4 sides, one with 3 sides, and one with 5 sides.

When you add the number of sides in all of the shapes, you will find there is a total of 12 sides in the item.

(3 + 4 + 5 = 12)

The same is true of items (D) and (F).

Items (B) and (C), however, have a different number of sides:

Item (B) contains a total of 13 sides (10 + 3 = 13).

Item (C) contains a total of 19 sides (4 + 7 + 8 = 19).

Revelian Numerical Reasoning Test 

 revelian numerical reasoning

 25 questions

 12 min

 No penalty for wrong answers | Revising answers is possible | Calculator is not allowed

The goal of this test is to measure how well you can analyse and solve numerical problems. This test is mainly used for numerical-based professions. The test consists of 25 questions within a 12-minute window. Unlike other cognitive ability tests, the questions in this type of test are open-ended.

Many Revelian questions are set in number series format. Typically the tests are presented in numerical lines or a matrix (a 3 by 3 table).

Oftentimes, people find that the latter is the preferred format because they are able to calculate numbers in 2 separate ways: vertically and horizontally. Thus, you can easily check your work, resulting in fewer errors. 

Let's start practising a few numerical sample questions:

Basic Question

Billy has been driving for 4 hours. If Billy has driven 140 km, what has Billy’s average driving speed been?

________ km/h


The correct answer is 35 km/h.

Average Speed = Distance / Time.

So, Average Speed = 140km / 4h = 35 km/h.

Therefore, the correct answer is 35 km/h.

Advanced Question

What is the missing number that should take the place of the question mark? 

10  |  19  |  33  |  52  |  ?  |  105

✔ The correct answer is 76.

10 + 9 = 19 →
19 + 14 = 33 →
33 + 19 = 52


The number being added increases by 5 (+9, +14, +19) each time.

If 19 was added to 33 to get 52, then 19 + 5 = 24 was added to 52 to get ? → 76

[ 52 + 24 = 76 ]

To confirm that this is the pattern, continue with the other number → 76 24 + 5 = 29. 76 + 29 = 105.

That is why the correct answer is 76.

Revelian Verbal Reasoning Test

 Revelian Verbal Reasoning

 35 questions

 10 min

 No penalty for wrong answers | Revising answers is possible.

Revelian’s Verbal Reasoning Test measures your ability in 3 main facets:

  1. Your capacity to understand concepts and comprehend written information.  
  2. Your ability to process and analyse what you’ve learned.
  3. How well you are able to reach viable conclusions.

All technical jobs offer daily challenges, requiring you to process complex data. The more complex the data the more your verbal abilities come into play in determining your performance and output.

This is why you will surely encounter this type of test or questions of this sort when applying for tech, finance, consulting etc.

When you eventually sit this test, you’ll be presented with 35 randomly generated questions (which make their order unique only to you), You will be given 10-minutes to complete the test.

Let's do some verbal question examples: 

Basic Question

4 of the following are alike in some way. Please choose the other 2: 

A) Journalist
B) Essay
C) Dictate
D) Novel
E) Article
F) Autobiography


✔ The correct answers are (A) and (C).

Essay, novel, article and autobiography are writing genres.

Journalist and Dictate are words which relate to writing but are not writing genres.

Advanced Question

Which 2 of the following statements PROVE that Frank’s train will arrive in Montreal at exactly 12:00 PM?

A) The train travels at 150 km/h and makes 6 stops.
B) The train always reaches Kingston by 9:00 AM, which is two hours away from Montreal.
C) The trip to Montreal always takes exactly six hours to complete.
D) Frank leaves to the train station at 5:30 AM.
E) Frank always arrives 15 minutes before his train’s departure to Montreal at 6:00 AM.

✔ The correct answers are (C) and (E).

This question takes into consideration one factor – time.

The statement that Frank will arrive in Montreal at exactly 12:00 PM is supported by the claims that the trip to Montreal always takes exactly 6 hours to complete (C).

And that Frank always arrives 15 minutes before his train’s departure to Montreal at 6:00 AM (E).

A 6-hour trip, leaving at 6:00 AM to Montreal means that Frank will arrive at 12:00 PM.

The other statements, (A), (B), and (D) are largely irrelevant and meant to distract the reader.

Statement (A) only speaks of the speed the train travels at, and the number of stops. One cannot prove when the train will arrive in Montreal with this statement.

Statement (B) can potentially be done mathematically, since the train leaves at 6:00 AM, arrives in Kingston at 9:00, and is 2 hours away from Montreal, meaning it will arrive at 11:00 AM, not 12:00 PM.

Statement (D) only mentions when Frank leaves his home and travels to the train station and does not work in conjunction with any other statement.



2) Revelian Personality Tests

Revelian Personality assessments include 4 main tests which assess your character, behaviour and attitudes. They are relatively long, with some tests reaching up to 170 different questions. These tests may be a major obstacle if you lack the desired traits and behavioural inclinations required to succeed.

The Revelian Personality test assesses specific capabilities, such as your ability to understand other peoples' emotions, your decision-making skills in different work-related situations and how well you think outside the box. 


16 Personality Factor Questionnaire (16PF)

Revelian personality test

170 questions

No time limit

No right and wrong answers

The 16PF essentially predicts your behaviour, communication and level of performance in concrete areas considered critical to your job performance, such as:

✔ How you relate to others
✔ How well you work under pressure
✔ How structured you are
✔ Your level of flexibility
✔ How easily you are influenced
✔ Your collaboration level

The 16PF assesses your abilities on the list above by creating scenarios to predict how you will react in the given situation, generally centred in your designated work environment. While there is no time limit, the 170-question test typically takes about 30 minutes to complete. You can prepare for your 16PF test with our personality prep pack.


Revelian Behavioural Profile (RBP)

Revelian personality test

27 questions

No right and wrong answers

No time limit

Typically used as the final assessment, this 24-question test traditionally takes 10-minutes to complete. The RBP determines your behavioural style in a work atmosphere.

Many of the questions are formatted by answering least likely to most likely. There is no pass/fail score, the purpose is to simply inform the employer on how you react to relevant, work-related situations.

Upon completion of this test, your employer will then be left with a list denoting your strengths and weaknesses in these 4 areas:

1. Compliance – approach to rules
2. Dominance – approach to problems and challenges
3. Influencing – approach to social situations
4. Steadiness – approach to an intensive and changing environment

Work Preferences Profile

Revelian personality test

84 questions

No right and wrong answers

No time limit

This test contains 84 questions with 15 minutes time limit. It is purposely timed short so you cannot answer every single question.

This personality test is aimed to help predict your job satisfaction and productivity (so your future employer could decrease employee turnover).

It is based on 8 areas:

1. Quantitative – working with numbers
Investigative – reasoning and research
Clerical – administrative tasks
Manual – working with your hands
Interpersonal – interaction with other people
Creative – showing your innovation
Selling – promotional areas
Mobile – work performed outdoors

The questions on this test do not assess your actual abilities in the above areas, rather your willingness and desire to work in them.


Work Safety Assessment

Revelian personality test

77 questions

No time limit

No right and wrong answers

On this test, you'll have 77 questions which usually take around 15-minutes to complete. This test assesses your attitude regarding safety control, risk aversion, stress management, violence and drug aversion.

This assessment presents a series of statements relating to the above subjects. You must decide whether you agree or disagree with these statements. This test provides employers with a deeper understanding of your ability to work safely, both personally and with regard to future colleagues.



3) Revelian Gamified Tests

Gamified tests will probably be the most fun for you, but their purpose is serious all the same.

These exams measure specific capabilities, such as your emotional intelligence, your decision-making aptitude during challenging situations and how innovative you are. 

There are 2 main types of Revelian gamified tests:


Emotify is a facial-based game. You will be presented with a picture of a real person with a particular facial expression. You will then need to determine which emotion matches this expression. Unlike most games, there is no win or lose outcome. This game will simply tell your prospective employers how well you can pick-up on non-verbal signals. 


There are up to six different games in Cognify, however, it is possible that you will not participate in all six. Your employer will choose the games that are most relevant to your hiring position. Each game measures for a specific skillset and informs the employer how well you will perform in various job-related situations. These games test for fast-thinking, thinking outside the box, fitting shapes into small compartments, identifying similar shapes and more.




The following companies are known to use Revelian in their application process. 

It's important to note that each company may use different combinations of Revelian assessments or different assessment altogether during their recruitment efforts.

In order for you to be able to prepare efficiently, you best contact your recruiter to attempt and find out the exact test you're going to take, then construct a prep plan focused on that. 

Deloitte BMW Chevron BDO
BMW (Australia) Telstra PPB Advisory Australian Government
RSM Bird Woodside Technip New South Wales Government
Toga Hospitality Medina Hotels Thiess ARUP
APRA Pegasus Employment Equisuper Energy Australia
Suncorp AMP Peabody Energy Pepsico
DTS  ASIC Moose toys Absc
ComActivity Sunwater Synapse HESTA

Revelian’s difficulty level is individual. Some people find verbal reasoning easier than numerical/vice versa.

What stumps most people is the need to answer multiple questions in a very short timeframe given to each subsection of the test.

Being focused and calm during the test is your key to success.

You can take the test once every 12 months.

The answer is no. You will only be asked to take the test after your application has been screened and selected to continue in the recruitment process.

Most likely that they will. Revelian provides employers the option of comparing your test results to a specific or normative group under such criteria as specific job, industry, entry-level or their companies’ particular incoming employees.

While you can look on Revelian’s main website and play similar games, there is nothing you can do to truly learn beforehand.

Revelian’s games measure abilities and traits, not specific knowledge that you can learn beforehand.


The best way to prepare is to think about various challenging situations and re-visit how you reacted.

You can also practice using our generic personality test PrepPack™.

Before beginning your test, look on Revelian’s main website and make sure you are using the supported browser to avoid running into any technical difficulties.



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