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JobTestPrep E.ON Preparation Pack

Our experts designed a pack which includes practice resources to help you launch you enter Eon careers. Utilise our Cubiks-style aptitude tests, and prepare for your Eon interview and assessment centre with us.

E.ON Application Form

The E.ON application form is very straightforward. You are asked to give your personal details as well as outline your academic career. Any work experience you feel is relevant to E.ON should be included as well. Your application is then reviewed and if successful, you will be invited to the next stage.

E.ON Situational Judgment Test

If your online application is deemed successful by E.ON you will be required to take an online Situational Judgment Test (SJT). The test presents situations which you may face during your time with E.ON and you must choose an answer based on how you think you would react to these scenarios. Although the test is untimed, preparation is good to help familiarise yourself with this type of questions.Practise Situational Judgment Tests with JobTestPrep’s practice materials.

E.ON Online Tests

If you successfully pass the SJT, you will be required to take one of three online tests: verbal, numerical, or personality test. E.ON online tests are also provided by Cubiks. These Cubiks assessment tests can be challenging and are timed so make sure to get plenty of practice beforehand.

Numerical Reasoning Test

The E.ON numerical reasoning test examines your ability to perform both basic and more advanced maths functions such as percentages, ratios, and graph analysis. Depending on the position you are applying for, you may be allowed to use a calculator. As this is a timed test, you must be able to work quickly and efficiently. For complete test preparation, see our online Cubiks-style numerical practice tests.

Verbal Reasoning Test

The E.ON verbal reasoning test examines your ability to process a written text. You are given a short passage to read and then asked multiple choice questions related to the text. Again, the test is timed so you must be able to manage the time and answer the questions correctly in order to succeed. Gain the confidence you need to ace this test with our Cubiks-style verbal reasoning preparation pack.

Personality Test

The E.ON personality test is an assessment to see if you are a good fit for E.ON and if E.ON is a good fit for you. The questions are structured as a statement, after which you must rate how well that statement reflects you. Although there are no wrong answers in this type of assessment, it is important to know how these tests work and how to answer. Get some practice with our online personality practice tests.

Technical Aptitude Test

If you are applying for an E.on apprenticeship position, you will be asked to sit a technical aptitude test. This test includes questions regarding diagrams, mechanical, and spatial reasoning. The test should last approximately 10 minutes. This test examines skills specific to the job you will be doing with E.ON so you need to pass the test in order to move forward. Practice technical aptitude tests with JobTestPrep.


The Competition Is Stiff and the Questions are Tougher, So Start Prepping Now For Your E.on Cubiks Test

JobTestPrep packs are designed to help you raise the bar in terms of knowledge and knowhow to pass your E.on tests with confidence and ease. With a wide range of online practice tests, score reports, and answer explanations you will be on your way to edging out the competition, passing your Cubiks-style test and making it to the interview stage.


E.ON Interview

E.ON conducts two types of interviews; science and engineering candidates will have a face-to-face technical interview while other candidates will have a competency interview by phone.

Technical Interview

This interview lasts for 45 minutes during which you are asked questions about your chosen field. You can also expect questions regarding your CV, but the majority of the interview will be technical in nature.

Competency Interview

This interview lasts between 30-40 minutes during which you will be asked questions about your past experiences and how you dealt with situations when you faced them. A common question is to give a time when you had to give negative feedback to someone, either a colleague or a friend. Expect the interviewer to ask follow up questions such as how you approached the situation, what you said, and what you learned from the experience.

Here are some example questions you might be asked:

  • Tell me about the time you had to give negative feedback to somebody, either a colleague or a friend.
  • What do you know about the company?
  • How does E.ON compete with its smaller competitors?
  • Give an example of a time you have come up with a creative solution to a problem.

E.ON Assessment Centre

The E.ON assessment centre is the final stage of the recruitment process. It is a great opportunity for you to get to know the company, the people you will be working for, and the people you will be working with. The assessment day lasts a full day and a half, with a combination of assessment exercises and presentations focused on familiarising candidates with the company. It is important to have a good attitude throughout the day and remember that assessors are looking for energetic and engaging candidates to hire so keeping quiet is not an option. The tasks on which you are assessed can consist of a case study, a group exercise, a role play, an interview, or a presentation.

Case Study

In the case study, you are given a fictional scenario to read through. The scenario includes graphs, charts, numerical data, and written information for you to analyse. You must then make decisions and recommendations based on the information you have been given. Your ability to find key themes and trends within the information is crucial. Take practice case study tests and make sure that you are confident carrying out the task with our case study assessment practice pack.

Group Exercise

In a small group, you are presented with an issue which you must work through and resolve together as a team. Besides the resolution, your team comes to, as an individual you are examined on skills such as leadership, teamwork, negotiating, and problem-solving. Working in a group setting requires a balance of asserting yourself but not overpowering. Use JobTestPrep’s practice group exercises to help make your mark at this stage of the assessment centre.

Role Play

This exercise examines your behaviour and performance in a job-related situation. You are given a role to take on with another person (usually an actor) in a one-to-one meeting. What you say and do in the meeting must reflect the character and scenario you are portraying (i.e. act as you would if it was a real situation). Examples of possible scenarios include:

  • Handling a difficult customer or complaint.
  • Carrying out a performance management conversation with a member of staff.
  • Negotiating a contract or project delivery.
  • Meeting to discuss your company’s ‘equality’ record.


The interview you will encounter during the assessment day is again a competency interview. Refer back to E.ON’s four competencies and think about an example when you have demonstrated each one. Assessors ask for these examples and expect further questions to help E.ON build a better picture of you. Sharpen your interview skills with our interview practice package.


A few days prior to the assessment day, you will be sent your presentation topic, giving you ample time to prepare. This stage of the assessment centre looks at your presentation abilities; how well you structure and present information and your attitude and answers to follow up questions. Learn how to give a great presentation with our presentation guide.

E.ON Recruitment Process

E.ON is the world’s largest supplier of electricity and it employs thousands of people worldwide. With a variety of positions ranging from business to technical roles, E.ON is a great place to start your career. In this page, we outline the stages in the E.ON Graduate Scheme and apprenticeship recruitment process.

E.ON Graduate Scheme

The EON Graduate Scheme provides many opportunities for graduates in multiple disciplines. You could work in either a commercial-based role or an engineering-based role. Both of these schemes last around 18 months, during which you will receive full training, in readiness to start your career with EON. Different roles have different entry requirements and starting salaries so it could be an exciting opportunity for a new graduate. To ensure that you are fully prepared for the recruitment process to check out the preparation materials JobTestPrep offers.

E.ON Key Competencies

E.ON looks for four key competencies at graduate and management level positions:

  • Understanding the Business - E.ON employees should create value through aligned performance and take responsibilities.
  • Embrace Change - E.ON employees should support change within the organisation and be open to it.
  • Enhance Teamwork - E.ON employees engage others and value people that build effective relationships and support each other.
  • Personal Impact - E.ON employees reflect their behaviour by supporting diversity, acting reliably, and developing their own skills and competencies.

Remember these competencies throughout the process. When preparing for interviews, written exercises or presentations, keep these competencies in mind as you plan your answers.

Prepare for Success

The application process for E.ON can be daunting, with tests, interviews, and exercises along the way. With proper practice and review for these assessments, you can be sure to make a lasting, positive impression with the E.ON recruitment team.


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