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Uniper Interview and Hiring Process

From environmental and chemistry engineers to modeling and data science, sales and HR, the company provides for much room for growth. The process will take place in an assessment center, which JobTestPrep will fully prepare you for.

  • Step 1: Apply Online:
  • Step 2: You will be invited to take a number of online tests, which could include math, verbal personality, logical and SJT among others. The composition of the tests will, of course, be related to the position at hand.
  • Step 3: Now comes the competency-based phone interview. You can expect questions based on your CV, background and technical skills. It will last about 30 minutes:
  • Step 4: The primary interview will include an hour-long interview and a business case, which itself will last 20 minutes with an additional 20 minutes for questions.
  • Step 5: Lastly, you will participate in a role session and will be briefed on the power plant and the company in general. Use this time to ask good questions based on the briefing.

Come to the Uniper assessment center fully prepared to meet all challenges before you. Don’t get left behind…

Start Practicing!

Interview Questions and Answer Ideas

Here a couple of questions you should think about before the interview date.

Do you have a particular workstyle?

Ok, to best answer this question you want to avoid clichés and instead talk about how you create quality work. Things like time management, speed, and accuracy, if you best like collaborative efforts or prefer to lone wolf style. Moreover, let them know how you take direction and communicate with those around you (boss, co-workers, clients…) or how you focus best. Try to limit your examples to the needs of the position.

Are you in a habit of bringing your work home?

What they are really asking here is are you organized in such a way that you usually will not have to bring your work home. Talk about the importance of deadlines and the prioritization of projects. If you are working simultaneously for two clients, assure the interviewer that you understand at times there will be no choice, but to get a head start of finish up at home.


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