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TRICON ENERGY trades and distributes chemicals and plastics such as liquid chemicals, methanol, caustic soda, petrochemical derivative, polypropylene and polyvinylchloride. TRICON ENERGY is headquartered in Houston, Texas and its branches are spread worldwide, including Asia, Europe and America.

What are the benefits of working at TRICON ENERGY?

TRICON ENERGY offers advantages such as:

Options to expand and bring new ideas Healthcare insurance
Dynamic and young environment Good bonuses

What is the Hiring Prepare process at TRICON ENERGY?

The basic steps in the TRICON ENERGY recruitment process are:

  • Online Application: Send your CV to the relevant position.
  • Phone Screening and Interviews: Several interviews with senior managers, and/or a panel of interviewers. There might be a skype interview as well.
    Note this this stage could be long and challenging.
  • Exams: Tests that evaluate various skills that are related to the specific role.
  • Assessment Centre: You may be invited for an assessment day. This day is divided into group activities, and perhaps interviews and tests.

Aptitude Tests at TRICON ENERGY

The assessments vary according to the job you are interested in, and could be:

  • Personality: Assesses your work-related traits, such as behaviour and characteristics.
  • Logical: You will be asked about shape sequences, to examine your natural logic.
  • SJT: The situational judgment test gives you different conflicts and scenarios. For each one, you are asked what (in your opinion) is the best solution.
  • Abstract: Evaluates your general intellectual potential.
  • Verbal: Questions related to your language skills, such as reading comprehension, grammar, vocabulary and spelling.
  • Numerical: Assesses your quantitative abilities.
  • Excel: Tests your level and knowledge in Excel.

Order and Practise

Interview Questions at TRICON ENERGY

During the interview, the following questions may come up:

  • Say you face a crisis at work, such as... (example given)- how would you handle it?
  • How do you deal with difficult co-workers (or customers)?
  • Why are you interested in us, and in this field?
  • Give an example of a goal you reached, and how you achieved it.

To prepare for the questions above, and other interview questions, you can use the JobTestPrep’s products that include interview tips and many other helpful tools.

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