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How the Repsol Selection Process Works

The Repsol is divided into several stages and maintains strict requirements as a prerequisite for consideration. Let’s take a look:

Job Seeker Requirements

By knowing what the company is looking for you can help spruce things up before applying:

  • Strong spoken and written command of the English language
  • Competition an undergraduate with good grades to boot.
  • Open to job relocation and strong behavioral affiliation to company ethics, principles and values.

Selection Process

Now that you understand the companies requirements, let's see how the Repsol hiring process will play out:

  • Phone Interview: The phone interview is the recruitment stage. After sending in your CV you will receive a phone call from a company recruiter to review your application and to ensure that your answers match up to your claims.
  • Online Tests: After passing the gatekeeper (phone interview) you will be invited to take a series of online tests, which will include a personality test, verbal reasoning, English aptitude and a range of other pre-hire exams.
  • Face to Face Presentation, Interview, and Exercises: In the next stage the company will invite you to participate in a personal interview, a group exercise with other job applicants, a number of additional exams and presentation on the company. During the presentation takes notes and use the information to ask solid questions during the personal interview.
  • Final Tech Interview: Lastly, if chosen you will be invited to a final one-on-one interview with a business manager. This interview will be technically orientated meaning all the questions will focus on your hard skills and how they relate to the job at hand.


Passing the hiring requires coming fully prepared with JobTestPrep.

Start Practicing!

Popular Interview Questions


  • Q: Where do you see your career in 5 Years?
  • A: Don’t focus so much on where your career will end up, but rather the practical steps you plan to take to get there. Focus on your plan to ramp up your technical skills and how you plan to apply them.
  • Q: Why should you be our choice for hire?
  • A: A strong answer would be to break down the job description and your hard/soft skills and show them how you match what they are looking for.
  • Q: What is your greatest weakness?
  • A: Many people get stuck on this question and stumble. The trick to getting the answer right is by talking about the steps you have taken to overcome any professional deficiency. Perhaps your knowledge was lacking in a particular program or you had a particular soft skill or communication glitch, let them know you are a self-starter and problem solver.

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