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Why JobTestPrep

Gain access to multiple tests through JobTestPrep and practise before you take your Mitie assessment entrance exams. Mitie, like many companies, wants to ensure that they find the correct people to fit their positions. Through our PrepPack you will gain access to abstract, numerical and logical examinations to name a few.

Mitie’s Hiring Process

Mitie’s application process is typically quick. Most applicants go through the process in 1 to 2 days. It has been noted that the candidates often feel rushed and cannot fully research the company before they are asked to accept the job. However, this is not always the case. Other applicants state that the process can take 1 to 3 weeks. Regardless of the hiring process time, the overall opinion was positive. The common comment is, “It wasn’t terrible to impress my future employer.” Below is a step-by-step breakdown of your upcoming process to score your new career with Mitie:

  • Online CV Submission: Most applicants apply online, attaching their CV to the application. Others use unsolicited recruitment agencies or job seeker websites to draw attention to Mitie.
  • Phone Screening: In some cases, you will have a phone interview prior to your in-person interview. Depending on the position you are applying for, the call generally will take 30 minutes.
  • (Pre) Employment Interview: In-person interviews with Mitie are relatively quick and relaxed. You likely grow a better understanding of what the department does and what role you’ll play. It is possible that you may be asked to work on a 3-month trial, then be re-assessed at a later date.
  • Assessment Centre: Additional to the interviews, it is possible to be invited to partake in a day-long Assessment Centre event. Here you will join, countless other applicants to experience solo and group interviews, presentations to familiarize with Mitie and will likely participate in group exercises that revolve around scenario situations and role-playing.

Interview Questions

During your preparation process, JobTestPrep wants to help you succeed by giving you an extra booster through the following common interview questions:

  • Tell me about your previous job.
  • What are the key trends in FMs?
  • Do you have experience with facilities management?

Mitie Jobs

Mitie prides itself with having over 53,000 employees in over 100 offices throughout Europe. With this known fact, Mitie has an array of different job opportunities. Below are a few jobs you can apply for:

Electrical Compliance Manager: Besides overseeing the entire compliance department, you will provide general advice and technical assistance to all areas of the company, compile a list of reports and more.

Aircraft Security Agent: Do you enjoy being a security officer? You can up the ante by being the person who creates a safe environment for the aircraft staff and crew.

Technician: There are many different technician jobs that you can apply to through Mitie, including specializing in drinks dispensers, computers and more. 

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