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Hiring Process at The Korea Electric Power Corporation

There are many number of roles you can play at the company, which could include energy consultant, sales, technical leader, data analyst, project engineer among many others. Here are few tips, which you can use throughout the interview process.

Tip: Dress Makes the…

As the old saying goes the dress makes the man (or woman of course) and your style or choice of dress will speak loudly of how you might fit into the company even before you utter a word. Do some research to discover what the dress culture of the company is and wear appropriately. Moreover, watch your breath and remember that the first impression is everything.

Tip: Body Language

Many people get caught up in the actual preparation (facts, figures…) they forget to spend some time working on body language. Things like eye contact, active listening, nodding, straight posture and even smiling can help put your interviewer at ease and will show how personable you are. Bad body langue like fidgeting, slouching or mumbling will be detrimental to your case.

Tip: Prepare Questions

Do your research on the company before arriving and ask informative and insightful questions, which will show that you take the job seriously. Ask a few questions about the company in general, but also find out what type of learning curve is expected or what ongoing studying you need to keep up to date.

Tip: Be a Closer

When you go to an interview you have to sell yourself and close the deal. Make sure that you not only answer questions according to the technical definition but that you expand and in each stage show mastery over your skill sets and the job before you. And then end of the interview inquire about the next step of the hiring process as if you know what are you moving forward.

As the old saying goes, “practice makes perfect." JobTestPrep is dedicated to giving you the edge to outpace the competition.

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What the Verbal Test Evaluates

Things like spelling, grammar and syntax are very important markers in indicating your command of the English language. Your future employer wants to see how you analyze, understand and implement written information, follow written instruction, understand verbal analogies and comprehend information expressed in words. Moreover, English idiomatic expressions like “A picture is worth a thousand words" or “add insult to injury" prove you can grasp the culture, which accompanies the language.

Understanding the Numerical Series Test?

The test will challenge your ability to find the intervals between numbers by checking the arithmetic relationship between them. By doing this you should be able to find the sequences multiplications and divisions via the four visible numbers and one missing number in each question posed. It is important to be able to calculate quickly and accurately with the pencil and pad provided for you.


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