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Prepare for the IndianOil Hiring Process

Founded in 1959, IndianOil is India’s national oil company. They run pipeline transportation and marketing of petroleum products, producing and marketing oil & gas. IndianOil is one of the top best employers in India and offers many opportunities in over 600 locations In India. They recruit bright and highly qualified candidates for their available positions.

Below is a short outline of the Indian Oil recruitment process:

Application: Candidates can apply online by filling out the form and uploading their CVs. Applicants will be checked for eligibility and assessed based on their work experience and skills.

Telephone Interview: At the beginning of the interview procedure, applicants may get a phone call from an HR recruiter. Questions asked may be about their previous experience and capabilities.

In-Person Interview: Interviews vary depending on the role candidates applied for. Face-to-face sessions can be performed one-on-one. Indian Oil assessment centre days entail group discussions, tasks, and other evaluations

Tests: Psychometric entrance exams are given to candidates during the hiring process in the form of a written test. These exams help assess one’s skills, cognitive abilities, and technical knowledge.

IndianOil Test Process

The IndianOil aptitude test process is an aptitude exam encompassing evaluations which measure applicants’ problem-solving skills, cognitive knowledge, and critical reasoning skills. The IndianOil assessment tests consist of various topics, such as logical, numerical, and verbal reasoning. Each test provides employers with an exact score report of how candidates perform. Other assessments evaluate one’s behavioural traits and character qualities. These assessments include the situational judgement test (SJT) and the personality test.

Start Practising for the Indian Oil Test Procedure with JobTestPrep.

Indian Oil Interview Questions

There is no question that you will feel more prepared after practising for each step of the interview process. Employers normally evaluate interviewees based on how they express themselves and display their technical abilities. Applicants can prepare by researching more about the role and the company online, while coming up with answers to possible questions.

Some interview questions that may be asked are:

  • Why Indian Oil?
  • Why should we hire you?
  • What are your strengths and hobbies?
  • What are the different types of valves in a refining plant?
Indian Oil Subsidiaries
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IOC Middle East FZE Indo-Cat Pvt Ltd Indian Synthetic Rubber Limited IOCL (USA) Inc


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