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Tips for the Gas Natural Hiring Process

Such a large and well-established company like Gas Natural certainly presents tremendous career opportunities. For those who are not yet sure what direction they want to go in or are right out of college and trying to get their foot in the industries door, the company also provides internship opportunities. Let’s take a look at the hiring process protocol for the internship position.


This is a four-step process.

  • Testing: You will be invited to take any number of tests, which will be suited for whichever field you are interning. This could range of numerical reasoning to excel or abstract reasoning.
  • Phone CV Interview: The next stage will be a phone call interview to review your CV and ask you a number of personal questions to ensure that you are suitable for the position. This call will usually be from an external company on behalf of Gas Natural
  • HR Interview: The next stage will be a phone call from the company itself to again review your CV and ask additional questions to ensure you are interested and qualified.
  • Face-to-Face: Lastly, you will be invited for a face-to-face interview with the appropriate outfit to put you in the hot seat to ensure that you are ready.


Waiting until the eve of your test or interview day to prepare is not a good idea.

Start Practicing!

Interview Question for Consideration

Before getting to the interview it's important to think about what they might ask and what you could ask them. Here are some ideas.

Why are you interested in this field of work?

Many people trip over this question, but you don’t have to. Prepare an answer beforehand and think carefully about the process that brought you to your field of choice. Courses, teachers, professors and other influencers which instilled in you the passion and love for what you do.

Why do you think our company is right for you?

Don’t describe the company, but rather explain why you want to join it. Explain how the company will fit with your career goals and why you think it’s the right launch pad for you.


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