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Preparation for the Bord na Móna Hiring Process

Bord na Móna possesses a sustainable infrastructure in Ireland which supports their customers' requirements for renewable energy, heating products, waste, and rising media. Their strategic land bank, status, proficiency and partnerships are a part of what makes up their success. The Bord na Móna graduate programme gives participants an opportunity to work in a variety of job positions.

The Bord na Móna recruitment process is a competency-based procedure which consists of several stages. This process is outlined below:

Application: Bord na Móna advertises career vacancies on their website where job seekers can apply for suitable jobs. Applicants are also requested to submit their most up-to-date CV.

Telephone Interview: Afterwards, applicants’ CVs are screened based on the standards outlined in the career’s requirements. This process may entail a brief phone call from a hiring manager to discuss one’s background and skills.

Tests: The Bord na Móna aptitude tests assess one’s abilities in a variety of fields related to the job. These pre-employment tests require attention and practise beforehand.

Assessment Centre: For some positions, candidates may be obligated to visit an assessment centre. This stage includes a day on-site in a group interview with other candidates. Exercises such as case studies, group tasks, and presentations, will be performed to test candidates’ core competencies.

In-Person Interview: Bord na Móna interviews give one the opportunity to learn more about the company and help employers get to know them better. Interviews may be held in several stages and use a competency-based approach.

The Bord na Móna CEB’s SHL Test Process

The Bord na Móna test process includes a variety of aptitude tests which are given out as online or written tests. CEB's SHL exams assess one’s abilities in subjects such as numerical, verbal, inductive, and deductive reasoning. Logical reasoning tests are often divided into inductive and deductive thinking questions. You can understand more about the structure of deductive logical thinking tests here. The CEB-SHL logical tests typically require one to find the connection between images. The verbal reasoning tests ask one to come up with answers to the written information provided. The numerical exams provide algebraic data which one must factually solve.

Other CEB’s SHL assessments consist of the Situational Judgement Test (SJT) and the Occupational Personality Questionnaire (OPQ). The OPQ provides insight into test-takers’ work-related behavioural tendencies and character traits. Candidates are evaluated based on how respectful, resourceful, and engaging they are. In particular, the OPQ assessment test was created in order to help companies understand candidates’ behavioural patterns and how this may affect their performance in the workplace.

Start Practising for the Bord na Móna CEB SHL Tests with JobTestPrep.

Bord na Móna Interview Questions

A competency-based approach allows employers to examine your specific skills which pertain to the vacant roles. Interviewers will review your previous work experience and assess how you had dealt with a variety of scenarios. The situations address how well you communicate, work with a team, and deal with challenges. Researching the job specifications beforehand and practising to answer interview questions is highly recommended.

Here are some examples of Bord na Móna interview questions:

  • Why Bord na Móna?
  • Name a time when you motivated other people.
  • Describe a time when you worked with a team and how you handled it.
  • What major problem did you encounter in your last place of work that was of your own doing?
Bord na Mona Subsidiaries
Suttons Limited White Moss Horticulture Limited Electricity Oil Limited Bnm Fuels, Ltd.
Derryarkin Sand And Gravel, Ltd. Abic Engineering Limited Cushaling Power Limited Edenderry Power Limited


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