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JP Morgan Software Engineer Application Process

The application process includes a few stages:

  • Apply online
  • Pymetrics games
  • Online coding assessment
  • Location survey
  • Super day


Pymetrics Games

JP Morgan is using Pymetrics as an initial and crucial screening process for almost all positions, including software engineer.

The Pymetrics games are a series of 12 mini games, designed to assess your “soft skills”. Top performing software engineers in the firm have played the games. Their data was analysed to construct a psychological profile, which is now used as a benchmark for candidates.

Pymetrics puts each candidate on a spectrum in nine categories:

  • Attention
  • Decision Making
  • Effort
  • Emotion
  • Fairness
  • Focus
  • Generosity
  • Learning
  • Risk Tolerance

Candidates that have a “fingerprint” close enough to that of the top performers in the firm, will be those who continue to the next step of the application process.

Coming soon – we are working on a brand-new prep pack to get you prepared specifically to the Pymetrics games.


Online Coding Assessment

Those who pass the Pymetrics games will get an invitation for the online coding assessment, using the CodeVue platform (by HireVue).

You will be asked to answer two coding questions. Then, you will have to record yourself using your webcam, and explain shortly how and why you solved the coding questions the way you did.

Coming soon – we are working on a brand-new prep pack to get you prepared specifically to the JP Morgan CodeVue test.

JP Morgan Software Engineer Program

Your training will start with a comprehensive learning program to understand JP Morgan better, develop necessary skills and familiarize yourself with development methodologies.

From the get-go you will work on actual projects to get on-the-job experience. You will also be work-shadowing other employees to expand your knowledge.

JP Morgan promise that once you finish the program you will have plenty of opportunities to advance within the technology department. As always, it is entirely up to you to perform well and develop your career in the desired direction.

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