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What's Included

  • 45 SHL-style numerical tests and drills
  • 31 SHL-style verbal tests
  • 42 abstract and inductive tests
  • 9 diagrammatic reasoning tests
  • 21 assessment centre preparation tests
  • 3 situational judgment tests
  • 11 error checking tests
  • Interview preparation
  • 8 guides and 15 video tutorials
  • Money back guarantee – see terms and conditions


As part of your hiring process, you should be confident to complete the aptitude exercises to land the Software Engineer position. The package described here contains the exact material you will need to prepare effectively for your recruitment process. Start practising with the SHL-style online tests today and receive score reports, study guides and more tips and tools to succeed.


Tailored SHL-Style Tests for JP Morgan's Software Engineer Position

Get tailored practice tests that are based on the content of JP Morgan's Software Engineer assessment tests. The offered practice packs are designed to ensure an unbeatable preparation journey, with full-length online aptitude tests, PDF guides, tutorials, score reports and explanations. Get ready today and enhance your chances of succeeding.


JP Morgan SHL-Style Numerical Reasoning Tests

SHL numerical reasoning test requires you to show your mathematical aptitude. You will receive numerical data presented in graphs, tables or other diagrams. Based on this data you should perform relevant calculations to determine the correct answer. It is a multiple-choice test which should take 25-35 minutes to complete. Utilise the SHL-style numerical reasoning tests, score reports and more tools to increase your chance of succeeding.

JP Morgan SHL-Style Verbal Reasoning Tests

As a candidate for JP Morgan's software engineer role, you are expected to demonstrate your verbal skills by completing the verbal reasoning test. In this assessment, you will encounter passages followed by multiple-choice questions. To select the appropriate answer you should understand, analyse and interpret the text quickly. This PrepPack™ offers you the SHL-style verbal reasoning test, study guides and more to speed up your reading ability and to sharpen your analytical thinking.  

JP Morgan SHL-Style Logical Reasoning Tests

SHL Logical or a.k.a.  Inductive reasoning tests are a common tool for measuring candidate's logical thinking. It is a  non-verbal test which contains a series of diagrams. You should recognise the logical pattern between the images and so choose either the missing diagram or the one that would complete the series. Practising with the product's SHL-style logical reasoning tests enhances your ingenuity to quickly identify the relationship between the figures.

JP Morgan Software Engineer Hiring Process

The JP Morgan hiring process for software engineers has several stages. After the official submission of your application, you should complete the aptitude tests. These tests measure your numerical reasoning,  verbal reasoning, inductive/logical reasoning, technical knowledge, situational judgment, Excel and writing. If you succeed you will be invited to an interview. Interviews usually employ competency-based questions to establish if your experience qualifies you to receive the positions. As the company receives a large number of applications, it is important to be prepared for every stage of the recruitment process.



JobTestPrep is not a part of JP Morgan and/or SHL and is not related to them in any way. JobTestPrep offers preparation services for psychometric tests.



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