The RBS Assessment Centre

If you have successfully passed the RBS online tests and telephone interview, you will be invited to the RBS assessment centre. In some cases, the online testing and the assessment day are combined to one full day depending on your location. The RBS assessment day includes:

You will also have the chance to meet and ask questions to current RBS employees. If you have applied to the international banking department at RBS, and particularly those in the RBS graduate careers scheme, will be required to attend an ability centre before moving on to the RBS assessment centre. Here you will undergo the same type of numerical reasoning test that was mentioned previously.

You will have an interview with a member of the HR team that is fairly similar to the RBS interview that you had already on the phone. Make sure you have researched your position as you will be asked about it and why you feel particularly suited for the job. Additionally, you will be asked some technical questions relating to the job applied for.

With regards to the RBS assessment centre, there are many different types of activities that you will go through depending on whether you applied for an RBS Internship or on the RBS graduate scheme. Depending on what division you have applied for you will get a different set of tasks. However, you will definitely have the flowing assessments.


There are 21 questions to answer in 45 minutes. You will have two tables, the first of which contains some financial information such as shareholder funds and asset values. The second contains different ratios related to the first table. You have to calculate the investment risk and return of each of the questions. You will be given some guidance notes and the questions will get progressively more difficult. You will be given a calculator for this exercise. Learn more about the ABLE Financial Appraisal.


This interview will be competency-based, like the one you have already had. As well as this, you will probably get a situational-based interview. This means that you will be asked a question such as: “You are shipwrecked and can only take one thing with you. What would you take?”. Try to answer these questions by proving that you would make this decision by backing it up with something that you have done in the past. Use the STAR method again and remember the three C’s: confident, considered, and convincing. Prepare for interviews with JobTestPrep.

Group Exercise

This simulates an actual office meeting with about six candidates. You will be given a few pages of information to go through about a topic relating to your chosen field and it is your task to work out a solution by yourself. Then, in the group setting, you will have to try and convince the other members of the group that your solution is the best one. The actual solution isn't that important but your attitude is. The assessors want to see your ability to deal with other people and connect with them in a business like way. For more information about these group tasks.

The RBS Case Study Presentation

In this part of the RBS assessment centre you will be given a lot of information to read through, analyse, and collect for a presentation. You will have to go through the information and work out a solution to the problem that comes along with the case study. Then you will give a 10 minute presentation to a team of assessors, as well as answer questions for another 10 minutes. Learn more about how to go through a case study, pull out the relevant information and create an impressive presentation with our online case study pack.

If you do all the requisite preparation and follow through with confidence you will be able to show RBS that you are the best fit for the job.