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About Standard Chartered

Standard Chartered PLC is a British multinational banking and financial services company. To help them get the best people out there, Standard Chartered uses a rigorous recruitment process at all entry points to the company.

On this page we outline the typical steps in the application process for experienced hires, providing useful preparation materials along the way.

If you are applying to Standard Chartered as an intern or graduate, check out our dedicated page.

Online Application

The Standard Chartered online application is a streamlined process; provide your personal details and attach your CV and cover letter. Take this opportunity to highlight skills relevant to the position and make sure that your cover letter is specific to Standard Chartered.

Standard Chartered Interview

If the company likes your application and CV, they will invite you to an interview. This can either be a face-to-face interview or a phone interview. This is where the company can get to know you better; your strengths and weaknesses, your experience and past responsibilities and what you know about the company. They are looking to see if you are the right fit for the position and the firm.

Feeling rusty when it comes to interviews? Polish up your skills with our interview preparation package.

Standard Chartered Assessments Tests

Some candidates are asked to complete assessment tests in addition to the interview. The tests that you will be required to take depend on the role you are applying for. They can include ability tests, a talent assessment, and a simulation exercise. The aptitude tests are provided by Talent Q and are designed to test both your aptitude and how well you cope with severe time constraints.

Standard Chartered Abstract Reasoning Test

The Standard Chartered abstract aptitude test assesses your ability to reason and form logical conclusions in the absence of language. You are presented with an incomplete series of symbols in a matrix format. You have to identify the missing symbol from the different alternatives. The test has 12 questions and you have 75 seconds to answer each of them. Familiarise yourself with this type of questions by practicing with our Standard Chartered pack, so you can overcome the challenge.

Standard Chartered Numerical Reasoning Test

The Standard Chartered numerical reasoning test measures your numerical aptitude through the analysis of different tables and graphs and your ability to locate relevant information quickly. There are 3-4 questions for each data set and the questions get progressively harder. You may think that you should have more time for the harder questions but the opposite is true. For the first question you have 90 seconds to complete it and for each question after that you have only 75. This means that you have to work quickly and accurately in order to get the correct answers in the time given. Learn how to answer these questions with our Standard Chartered pack.

Talent Assessment

The Standard Chartered talent assessment is personality test aimed at assessing how good a fit you are for the company and vice versa. It may seem counter intuitive to practice for a test of this nature, but here at JobTestPrep we have found that familiarising yourself and understanding the questions using practice personality tests can help you give a fuller picture of yourself and your capabilities. The Standard Chartered pack includes all the practice materials that you will need in order to improve your chances of passing this stage successfully.

Simulation Exercise

This stage of the recruitment process aims to simulate real-life work situations to give the assessors a sense of how you work. Two common activities are role-play exercises and presentations.

In the role play exercise, you will be required to answer company emails and respond to memos, much like in an in-tray exercise. You will be given a card describing your role and you must complete the tasks based on your position in the company. It’s a good idea to get some practice to help you work well under the time pressure. Find out more about practicing in-tray exercises with JobTestPrep.

In the presentation, you will be given a packet of information, possibly a case study, and then you will be asked to make a short presentation based on this information. You may be sent the information beforehand and asked to prepare at home or given time to prepare while at the Standard Chartered offices. The assessors are looking for an organised, well thought out presentation that is easy to understand. Give yourself an advantage with the tips in our presentation page.

Prepare for Standard Chartered

Standard Chartered uses a multi-step process to recruit the best of the best. With the practice and advice outlined in this page, you can be sure to feel confident and be successful when applying.

Standard Chartered, Talent Q, and other trademarks are the property of their respective trademark holders. None of these trademark holders are affiliated with JobTestPrep or this website. Our materials are designed to help you prepare for the types of assessments you will encounter, but they are not identical to them.

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