BNP Paribas Internship Test 2024: Prep & Ace It
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BNP Paribas Summer Internship Programmes

The BNP Paribas Investment Banking summer internship is offered in two departments:

Note: You can only apply for one department, so choose wisely which is better suited for you. Read on to get more information on each.

BNP Paribas Summer Internship Application Process

The application process is roughly the same for both. In both cases, you will have to first pass the online tests, administered by Cut-e (AON), to get looked at by HR.

If you don’t score above the benchmark, your application will be dinged automatically.
But don’t worry, this is exactly what we are here for!

Each department has its own set of unique tests, to see if you have what it takes to work in that specific area of the bank. In order for you to get into your desired department, you have to know EXACTLY what you are up against.

Get accurate preparation for either of the two departments & ace the unique and specific tests!

What Is the Difference Between the Two BNP Paribas Summer Internship Departments?

  Global Markets Global Banking
Department Responsibilities
  • Solutions for investment, hedging and financing opportunities.
  • Research and market intelligence for all clients of the bank.
  • Capital markets – consists of a few divisions, each one specialises in a specific market such as debt, energy, real estate, etc.
  • Corporate Clients Group – handles all the interaction with the big corporate clients of the bank.
Duration 9 weeks – 1st week training, 8 weeks of real work. 9 Weeks – 1st week training, 8 weeks in one of two divisions.
Posting 2 different desks on rotation, doing hands-on real analyst work. Capital Markets or Corporate Clients Group – In the application process, you will be asked to specify which of the two divisions you prefer.
Student Eligibility Penultimate year students only. Penultimate year students only.
Type of Work Hands-on work in the department, plus work-shadowing placements in other divisions of the bank. Hands-on real work as an analyst.
Online Tests

All You Need to Know About the BNP Paribas Summer Internship Online Tests

Switch Challenge

The switch challenge is a unique and special type of Logical Reasoning test.
Each question consists of an input, an operator, and an output.

An input is the upper row, consisting of 4 symbols. The operator acts like a funnel that takes the input from the upper row and changes the order of the symbols. The output is what comes out of the funnel – the lower row, with the new order of the symbols.

Switch Challenge Explanation

Each operator consists of four digits. Each digit represents the previous position of each symbol, before it was changed by the operator. The new order of the symbols’ position matches the position of the digits. Like so:

Switch Challenge Explanation

Test yourself with a sample question:

Which operator is the right one for this input and output?

Switch Challenge sample question


Check out this video explanation to see if you got it right.

Play Video preview image
Video preview image

Tip: There are different difficulty levels, and some questions include two operators. The first operator is given, and you need to find the second operator.

It helps to draw the middle row, under the first operator so that you will not have to remember a lot of information at once. This, in turn, makes it easier to find the second operator in a similar way as when the question provided only one operator.

More about the different difficulty levels can be found in our prep pack.

What Makes the BNP Paribas Switch Challenge So Hard?

  • Unique and unfamiliar test type.
  • There are several difficulty levels with different types of questions.
  • Every mistake you make drops you to a lower level.
  • Six minutes to answer an unlimited amount of questions, and every point counts. If you get stuck on one question, your score will be lower.

I have heard of many applicants that were taken by surprise by this test. Indeed, implementing a new language within six minutes can be overwhelming and scary.

The best way to deal with a new language is to practise it over and over until you feel comfortable with it. And you will, I promise.

Start practising now with accurate BNP Paribas Switch Challenge questions and eliminate the surprise!


Numerical Reasoning Test

This test is designed to check your ability to analyze numerical data presented in tables and graphs. You will be given six sheets of data that you can go back to and analyze at any point.

Every question will present a statement related ONLY to one of the six sheets. You will then have to decide rather the statement is true, false or that you cannot say.

Let’s see it in an example.

Numerical Reasoning Test sample question

Buildings are expected to represent the greatest portion of Podunk Textiles Ltd. value next year.

  1. True
  2. False
  3. Cannot say

The correct answer is True.

According to the Company Value tab, in FY+1 (next year), Buildings are expected to be valued at 18 billion dollars, while Inventory at 10 billion dollars, and Investments only at 3.5 billion dollars.

Therefore, the correct answer is True.

Tip: With each new question, try to accumulate more and more information about the tabs. After 10-15 questions, you should be able to tell what each tab is about, which will make finding the relevant tab easier in later questions.

This strategy and many more can be found in the full preparation pack.

What Makes the BNP Paribas Numerical Reasoning Test So Hard?

  • Time limit – You will have only 12 minutes to answer 37 questions. That is less than 20 seconds per question.
  • A LOT of data – Analyzing six sheets filled with numerical data in a short time frame is not a walk in the park.
  • Aside for the wide scope of details, you will also have to decide which sheet is the one relevant to every question.

I know it might seem hard, but all barriers can easily be overcome with focused practising. Yes, even answering a question in less than 20 seconds. A high score is within your reach.

Practising will make sure you can easily navigate the unique structure of this test and beat the impossible time limit.

Start practising now for the BNP Paribas Numerical test and get a high score!


Verbal Reasoning Test

This test is designed to see how well you can retrieve information and draw accurate conclusions from verbal data.

You will be given six sheets of text with each offering different sets of information to analyze during the test.

Every question will present a statement related to ONLY one of the six sheets. You will then have to decide if the statement is true, false, or that you cannot say.

Let’s see how a question might look like:

The Board of Directors is elected by the shareholders, and is assigned to monitor the company's activity as a whole.

The Board of Directors hires the CEO themselves, and they have the power to fire him if 10% of the management agrees to it.

The Board of Directors convenes every 75 days and discusses the CEO's performance every 100 days.

The Board of Directors has the right to allocate up to $100,000 in bonuses every year. However, the shareholders' general assembly should authorize higher amounts.

Moreover, the shareholders' general assembly can fire every director, and once every five years 40% of them must be replaced by new directors.

This being said, no management employees are allowed to be in the company's Board of Directors.

The board must consist of at least 33% females, at least 20% males, and at least 12% university graduates.

Statement: There are no differences in the duties between the shareholders and the directors.

  1. True
  2. False
  3. Cannot say

As indicated in the first line of the Board of Directors tab, the board is elected by and works for the shareholders, thus there is a major difference between them.

Tip: Before you even read the first question, look at the titles of the tabs and very quickly scan through the titles of the sections in each tab.

Do not spend too long doing this; it is only meant to provide you with a very basic knowledge of the information you have to sift through during the test.

More strategies and solving tips can be found in our experts’ preparation pack.

What Makes the BNP Paribas Verbal Reasoning Test So Hard?

  • Time limit – you will have 12 minutes to answer 47 questions. That is only 15 seconds per question.
  • Text information is hard to analyze fast. You have to read through the whole thing to understand all the information.
  • Statements are confusing – the statements presented are not always clearly presented in the information. Sometimes you will have to find the one relevant sentence hidden in a long text, and extract the desired conclusion.
  • Six sheets of text – for each statement, you will have to figure out which sheet is relevant. This is very time-consuming.

At first glance, this test is not hard. But when you dive into the details it starts to look quite intimidating. You can get lost in all the text, and the ticking clock is of no help.

I know exactly how you feel, and I also know that you can overcome these difficulties with some good, accurate practise.

Start practising now to take the BNP Paribas Verbal Reasoning test stress-free!

The 3-step Practice Formula to Ace the BNP Paribas Summer Internship Online Tests

The online tests can be VERY stressful, especially since you have only one chance.

Our fool-proof 3-step method will help you eliminate stress and focus on getting a high score. Which you are absolutely capable of getting!

  • Step 1: Practise with test-like questions, accurately designed to get you ready for every BNP Paribas department you apply to.
  • Step 2: Use a personalised report to analyze your performance and identify your weak spots.
  • Step 3: Enhance your knowledge of your specific BNP Paribas test using full guides. Every question is accompanied by a thorough explanation, including solving tips and strategies.

Start practising for the online tests and secure your BNP Paribas internship!


What are the effects of Covid-19 on the summer internship?

The world keeps changing rapidly, and so are the summer internships. Last year the BNP Paribas internship went virtual, and it is safe to say that this year it’s going to be the same.

I heard that only target-school students can get a summer internship? Is that true?

Absolutely not. If you are a strong candidate, and if you passed the online tests, they will be happy to have you, regardless of what school you attended.

I am a student in a non-finance field. Can I still apply?

Yes, you can! BNP Paribas invites students from all academic backgrounds to apply. As long as you are suited for the job, they will teach you everything you need to know.

I am a 1st-year student. Can I still apply?

No, you cannot. This summer internship is for penultimate-year students only. If you are looking for an internship this year, you need to look for a Spring Week.

I don’t really know which department at BNP Paribas I am interested in. Can I apply for both departments?

No, you cannot. BNP Paribas limits all applicants to only one department in the summer internship. This is the time to figure out which area of the bank excites you the most.

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