Candidates wishing to apply to the Societe Generale inspection programme must first submit an online application, complete an online numerical test and take part in a phone interview. If you pass through each of these stages successfully, you will be asked to take part in the Societe Generale written examination and logical tests. Learn more about these assessments and how you can prepare with JobTestPrep.

Societe Generale Written Examination

The written examination is composed of three parts: two logical tests and an executive summary. None of the three parts of the examination requires any particular knowledge of banking, finance, or IT. Rather, the examination is intended to assess your capacity to analyse, sum up and manage your time. These tests are provided by the test provider CEB’s SHL.

Societe Generale Logical Tests

The Societe General logical test focus on both non-verbal logical reasoning and quantitative reasoning. In non-verbal logical reasoning tests, you are presented with a sequence of 3-4 shapes and must choose which shape from the multiple choice answers would complete the sequence. These tests assess your ability to reason and understand complex situations as well as your skills at critical reasoning. Quantitative reasoning is similar to maths, however it uses letters or symbols in place of numbers. There are two logical tests given, one lasting 20 minutes and the second for 40 minutes. Improve your non-verbal logical reasoning skills with our SHL-style inductive reasoning pack to help prepare.

Societe Generale Executive Summary

This is essentially a written exercise where you are provided with a brief and asked to present the main issues to a panel of assessors. You are given three hours to complete the task. When preparing the presentation, make sure that your writing doesn't give a commentary on the text nor your own personal opinions or value judgments as Societe Generale isn’t looking for this. Your ability to summarise is under examination here as well as your writing skills. Make sure your work is clear, concise and professional sounding. 

Following a successful performance in the written exams, you will be invited to the Societe Generale assessment centre.

Societe Generale Oral Exam

If you do well during the assessment day, you will be invited to perform an oral examination. This is a thirty minute interview conducted by a few top managers from the company. You are given 15 minutes to prepare a short management case or a question related to a popular current economic or financial topic. During the interview, you must present your conclusions to the panel. Following your presentation, you can expect questions regarding your background and motivations. Review our interview guide PDF for some tips on interviews and for further assistance with the presentation, review our presentation page.