PerformanSe Test - Your Full Guide


PerformanSe is an assessment company that focuses on the soft skills that are vital in any work place. The Performanse test is in fact a line of assessment tests that measure personality, motivation, behavior and cognitive characteristics. 

On this page we will guide you through the main aspects of the PerformanSe personality test, Echo. Although many people believe that personality tests cannot be prepared for, this is a misconception - with the right kind of preparation, you can ensure that your strengths come through clearly in your answers.


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What is the Echo PerformanSe Test?

The Echo PerformanSe test is a personality test influenced by the "Big Five" model of personality. In the test, you are presented with 70 sets of two statements from which you must select one statement that describes you better than the other. 

The test has no time limit, but average users complete it in approximately 15 minutes. Each question you answer provides a variety of behavioral patterns, and through the combined answers of all 70 questions a complex analysis of your personality, motivation, behavior and cognitive characteristics is formed. 

Tip: although there is no time limit in the Echo PerformanSe Test, taking too long hesitating over the questions can have a negative impact on your results.


Echo PerformanSe Test Factors

One of the unique attributes of the Echo PerformanSe test is that through the pervasiveness of each of the five factors used in the test's model in your results, a further map of cognitive workplace abilities is formed. The five factors which the Echo test is based on (IDEAC) are influenced by the Big 5 model of personality, adapted to work place capacities. 

  • Influence
  • Decision
  • Efficiency 
  • Agility
  • Collaboration 

Your score on each of these factors is then used to assess your aptitude in ten workplace related cognitive abilities:

  • Expressing and Federating - these abilities are related to your ability to influence others.
  • Evaluate and Choose - related to your decision making ability.
  • Structuring and Managing - derived from personality traits related to efficiency.
  • Adapt and Initiate - related to mental agility.
  • Exchange and Contribute - cognitive abilities related to collaboration


Let's see what an Echo question might look like:

Colleagues who see me involved in a work related disagreement are usually more likely to think that:

A. I am too calm

B. I am too agitated

A question like this can reveal your levels of influence, agreeableness, and how well you can resolve conflict. Being able to maintain your composure during conflict improves your ability to express your ideas in a way that others can relate to. 



Tip: many personality test takers try to provide the "right" answers and trick the system, without understanding that their results will easily reveal dishonest patterns. Personality tests used nuanced methods to understand what attributes the respondent has, and learning about the theory behind them can help you showcase your strengths and land the job. 

PerformanSe Learning Questionnaire

The PerformanSe Learning Questionnaire complements the Echo test by examining your attitudes and propensity towards learning. The reason attributes related to learning are measured is that they have profound implications regarding an employee's future performance, for example:

  • Your ability to complete your onboarding process successfully and absorb new information regarding your job. 
  • Your potential for future development within the organization as reflected by your desire to learn new fields of expertise.
  • How you are able to learn from your own actions, leading to self improvement. 

This section of the PeformanSe test includes 27 statements where regarding learning, which you will need to rank on a scale of 1-5 depending on how relevant it is to you. 

A typical question in this section could be:

I believe utilizing technology to learn remotely can help you keep better track of your progress. 

As you can see, statements in this section are not as straightforward as "I like / dislike learning". The learning questionnaire examines much more intricate aspects of your attitudes, so your answers need to be well thought out. 


Interested in learning more about personality tests and how to prepare for them? Visit our personality test prep page for more info. 


PerformanSe Workplace Beliefs Questionnaire

The PerformanSe workplace beliefs questionnaire provides your employer with an indication regarding a variety of factors such as your motivations, behaviors and attitudes towards the workplace. The questionnaire can be used to learn about many things, such as:

  • Your attitude towards authority figures. 
  • The place of your work in your life. 
  • What aspects of the job you place importance on over others. 

This section of the test includes 20 statements workplace beliefs, which you will need to rank on a scale of one to five depending on how closely they relate to you. A typical question in this section could be:

Entrepreneurship should be a priority in the workplace.

There is no absolutely right or wrong answer when it comes to questions like these. They depend greatly on the position in question, and the organization itself. 

While jobs that are focused on adherence to strict protocols (such as laboratory workers) might not be looking for high levels of entrepreneurship in their future employees, others in the field of sales for example certainly do. 

 Tip: a vital step in your preparation journey for the PeformanSe test is understanding the nature of your future position. Based on your analysis of the job, you will be able to understand which attributes will be examined more closely by your future employer, and how your own personality attributes fit in with this.  

Additional Personality Test Resources

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About PerformanSe

PerformanSe is a French assessment company that specializes in soft skills and provides cutting edge tests for leading employers worldwide. Among their products you can find web-based assessment tests covering crucial aspects in candidate selection, such as personality tests, cognitive tests, 360 assessments, and more. 

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