Saville Abstract Reasoning Test [2023 - Free Practice Question


What is the Saville Abstract Reasoning Test

The Saville Abstract Reasoning Test measures your ability to identify patterns in abstract information, and deduce rules from these patterns. The test is six minutes long, and includes 12 questions - leaving you with a very tight time limit of 30 seconds per question.

Abstract reasoning refers to gleaning information from questions which are not presented in words or numbers, and in abstract reasoning tests this means that you will almost always be presented with shapes which will be displayed in a row or a matrix. 

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Saville Abstract Reasoning Test Sample Question

This is an example of a question you could face in the Saville Abstract Reasoning Test. To simulate the time pressure of the test, set your timer to 30 seconds before choosing the answer. 


saville abstract reasoning test sample question



saville abstract reasoning test answer


Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

The correct answer is (2).

There are three rules in this series: frequency, motion, and progression.
First, each step, the shapes alternate between a circle and a square. This means that in the missing frame, the shape should be a square.
Second, the shape moves between different spots in the frame: the top left corner, the centre of the frame, the bottom right corner, and back again. This means that in the missing frame, the square should be in the bottom right corner.
Third, the shapes are divided into four quarter. Every step, one other quarter changes colour in an anticlockwise direction. First, the quarters change colours from white to dark blue until the shape is completely dark, and then it starts to change back to white. This means that the shape in the missing frame should be a square with left white quarters, and dark right quarters.
The only answer that fits these rules is answer (2).

How To Prepare For The Saville Abstract Reasoning Test 

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