PwC Numerical Reasoning Test Practice

Prepare for your upcoming PwC numerical test with JobTestPrep's success-proven tools. Polish your weak spots, sharpen your data interpretation and reasoning skills, reduce your response times, and improve your score on the test.

PwC CEB SHL-Style Numerical Test: Graduates
  • Over 200 numerical reasoning questions
  • CEB SHL-style graduate level tests
  • 16 video tutorials and study guides
  • 8 topic-based drills (percentages, ratios, etc.)
  • A Financial Terms guide and practice drill 
  • Detailed explanations and solving tips
  • Smart score reports

Since the majority of positions at PwC require handling and analysing numerical data, it is no wonder that almost every applicant to the company needs to complete the PwC online numerical reasoning test. This test is delivered in the early stages of the recruitment process and serves as a powerful sifting tool.

Candidates who successfully pass the PwC numerical test are usually asked to sit a written version of it at the assessment centre to vouch for their results. On this paper-based test, the use of a calculator is not always allowed. However, it is highly recommended to bring your own calculator with you in case you will have permission to use it.

The numerical test PwC uses is usually delivered by CEB’s SHL. On this test, you are presented with numerical data in the form of a table or a graph. You need to answer multiple choice questions relating to this data. To do that, you often need to perform calculations involving fractions, percentages, ratios, and conversions.

Some PwC applicants will be invited to sit a numerical test delivered by another assessment company called cut-e. This test is different than other numerical reasoning tests in its format, concepts, and question types. Learn more about cut-e’s numerical test.

Why Is It Important to Prepare for the PwC Numerical Test?

PwC is one of the most popular employers in the market, with numerous applicants competing for each open position. The numerical reasoning test PwC employs allows the company to sift through a large volume of candidates and choose only those with the best reasoning skills.

Getting through the test is not an easy task. Sure, taking a numerical reasoning test is never a walk in the park. Many people struggle with these type of tests, especially considering the strict time limits. But when it comes to the PwC numerical reasoning test, things are even harder, since your score is compared to that of the many other skilled candidates. This means you really have to be on top of your game to pass the test and make it to the next stage.

It is, thus, highly recommended that you prepare for the test in advance. Start by rehearsing the basic numerical concepts important for succeeding on PwC’s numerical test (percentages, ratios, fractions, conversions, etc.). Make sure you know how to quickly perform such operations using your calculator. Then, familiarise yourself with the format of the test by practising mock tests. Through practice, you can sharpen your data interpretation and reasoning skills and increase your speed. These will prompt a significant improvement in your score on the real test.

How Can JobTestPrep Help You Prepare for the Test?

JobTestPrep’s experts have created a unique preparation pack for PwC online numerical reasoning test, as well as for the paper-based version you may need to sit during the assessment centre. 

Who Can Benefit from this Pack?

The preparation materials found in the pack are tailored for candidates applying for graduate opportunities, graduate programmes, undergraduate schemes, internships, and other undergraduate or graduate-level positions at PwC. If you are applying for other job levels, check out our School Leavers and Experienced Hires pages.

The pack includes mock tests with questions similar to those found on CEB’s SHL numerical reasoning tests. As mentioned before, these are the tests used by PwC in the majority of cases. If you need to take a numerical test delivered by cut-e, instead, check out our cut-e numerical test preparation pack.

More About the Pack

Our PwC SHL-Style Numerical Reasoning Test preparation pack offers a comprehensive learning experience. It includes hundreds of practice questions, as well as a rich collection of study guides and video tutorials covering basic to advanced topics.

In the pack you will find topic-based drills to help improve your weak spots and master the basic concepts required for succeeding on PwC’s numerical test. The pack also features a Financial Terms guide and practice drill covering topics such as profit, tax, inflation, stocks, and more. In addition, the tutorials included in the pack (which cover topics such as efficient use of a calculator, graph/table interpretation, and much more) provide you with useful tips and solving strategies.