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If you have successfully passed the phone interview, your next stage is the assessment centre.

Occupational Personality Questionnaire (OPQ)

The OPQ looks at the match between your personality and the job profile of the position you are going for. The test looks more deeply at your personality traits than an interview can. Preparation ahead of a test can help you identify your strengths and creates a picture of how they match the profile required for the job. Learn more about personality tests and the preparation you can do on JobTestPrep’s website.

Psychometric Tests

You are asked to retake the tests you took earlier to verify the results you obtained. This time, the tests are be taken offline. Learn more about SHL tests taken at the online application.

Group Exercise

In the group exercise, you and your group will discuss a business situation. The group need to come to a decision as a group, and present the reasoning behind the decision. As an individual in a group exercise, you must remember that you are part of the group. You will be assessed on the balance you achieve between the quality and frequency of your contributions, your ability to allow other people to contribute, and how you work with people who are contributing less, including how you bring them forward into the conversation. See how JobTestPrep’s group exercise pages can help you find this difficult balance.

CommBank Interviews

The interview stage is likely to differ according to the position you have applied for. This is also the case for experienced hires. The interview is with a senior manager, a hiring manager, or someone else in the division. For experienced hires there may be two or more interviews, depending on the role and team you are applying to. Questions will also be tailored to the type of job you are applying to.

Some general interview questions with CommBank are:

  • What are your weaknesses?
  • How are you with time management?
  • How do you work with a team?
  • Describe what you are currently doing?
  • What can you bring to the role?
  • How have you demonstrated your team working abilities in the past?

Previous applicants for experienced jobs have had the following questions in their interviews:

  • Please outline a 3 month, 6 month and 12 month plan and provide approximate estimates of revenue/profit and outline what actions are required to achieve your stated goal?
  • Let's do a role play. I am a project manager and you have to sell the benefits of change management to me.
  • Looking at a part of your previous job, how did you carry out this element of your job?
  • Describe a time when you had to deal with a pushy customer.
  • How many of your projects were on time and on budget?

When preparing for an interview, don’t forget to prepare information to answer questions along the same lines as these questions above. JobTestPrep’s online interview preparation pack can help you prepare the skills you need to answer questions. However more important is preparing for the interview itself. The best practice for an interview is with a mock interview. JobTestPrep’s pack can help you get this preparation under real conditions.

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