Barclays Internship Hiring Process, Numerical Tests, and Interview Preparation

Start practising for Barclays' competitive internship recruitment process with JobTestPrep. Our preparation pack provides you with the resources to successfully complete Barclays' online tests, interviews, and assessment centre exercises.

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Barclays Internship Hiring Process Preparation
  • 45 numerical reasoning tests and drills
  • 26 verbal reasoning tests
  • 13 assessment exercises (case study & role-playing exercises)
  • 4 personality guides & test
  • 3 situational judgement tests
  • 6 study guides
  • 11 video tutorials

JobTestPrep offers online practice tests, interview materials, and study guides to help you succeed in Barclays' competitive hiring process. Start practising with our preparation pack now to stand out and land your placement in a Barclays Bank internship.

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Barclays Internship Assessment Tests

You should understand the significance of practice when facing the aptitude tests. Familiarising yourself with the types of questions and the structure of the tests gives you the incentive to complete the assessments with a high score and within the given time frame. Practising with JobTestPrep's PrepPack offers you the material you will need to prepare for Barclays' competitive hiring process.  

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SHL Numerical Reasoning Test

You must be comfortable working with numerical information provided in tables and graphs to answer the questions. To complete this test you should have a high command of basic mathematical computing such as calculating decimals and fractions, the four basic operations, percentages, and equations.

SHL Verbal Reasoning Test

As a potential candidate for Barclays' internship, you must understand and analyse verbal information efficiently to answer the questions. It is crucial you practise reading quickly to complete the test within the given timeframe.    

SHL Logical Reasoning Test

CEB SHL logical or inductive reasoning test examines your abstract reasoning abilities. In this test, you must identify the logical relationship between the displayed shapes and select the figure that would suit the sequence. The most common types of question are when you should choose the next diagram in a series or find the missing piece of a matrix of figures.

Personality Tests

Personality tests are used to determine desirable and undesirable attributes of your character. Evaluating these helps Barclays decide if your personality can suit their team. To answer the questions, you will utilise your decision-making skills, communication style and general attitude towards work. 

Situational Judgement Test (SJT)

You may encounter an additional situational judgment test which examines your behavioral and cognitive skills.The test provides you with real-life scenarios where you have to show how would you handle them. Similarly to the personality test, you will have to rely on your problem-solving, decision making and customer service abilities.

Barclays Internship Hiring Process

To successfully earn an internship placement at Barclays you must pass all three stages of Barclays' internship application process. First, you submit your CV alongside with a completed questionnaire. This will lead you either to online aptitude tests or to a telephone interview. As described earlier, you can encounter one or more online assessment tests such as CEB's SHL numerical, verbal and logical reasoning test, a personality test and a situational judgment test. Finally, you should participate in a face-to-face interview. 

Start preparing now with JobtestPrep to excel at the online tests and the interviews of Barclays Internship recruitment process.

The Barclays Application Form

To start Barclays' Internship hiring process you must submit your CV and fill out the questionnaire as requested on Barclays' application site. You should list your education, past experience, and further accomplishments. Finally, you should give a concise answer to a competency-based question. In your answer, you should address Barclays' core values such as respect, integrity, service, excellence, and stewardship. 

Barclays Internship Interview

Your hiring process includes at least two interviews. The types of interviews are listed below. 

Phone Interview

After you completed the questionnaire and submitted your CV, you may be invited to a phone interview. This serves as a chance to introduce yourself and elaborate on your experience and motivation. Your answers should demonstrate your interest in the role. You should also prepare questions to demonstrate your genuine interest in the position.

Competency-based Interview

You can encounter this type of an interview after you successfully completed Barclay's aptitude tests. This type of interview assesses your competencies that are relevant for your position. Prepare examples of past experience in which you showed attributes that can be beneficial for your position. Make sure your responses are concise and relevant. You can also be invited to participate in further forms of assessments such as role-plays, case studies and presentations. You receive a brief beforehand which lists the skills that are assessed.  

Practical Interview

In the practical interview, you must elaborate on your CV. You may also be asked to solve mathematical questions or brain teasers as part of this interview.


Interview Practice for You

As part of the Barclays internship preparation package, you will receive JobTestPrep's interview preparation pack. It provides you with experts' guides on the various aspects of the interviews, including best practices for answering common interview questions. In addition, our online app allows you to record yourself and assess your interview skills. Try Barclays Internship preparation package today and increase your chances of landing a Barclays internship position.

Assessment Centre

As part of Barclays Internship hiring process, you may be asked to participate in an assessment center day which can last a minimum of half a day to two days. This day consists of a numerical reasoning test, a group exercise, a presentation, and an interview.

Numerical Test

Although you have already taken a numerical aptitude test by this stage, you may be asked to complete a 35-minute CEB SHL numerical test once more to confirm your initial results. It is crucial you revisit your preparation process for this assessment as most candidates report it to be more difficult than the initial test.

Group Exercise

The group exercise is designed to reveal how you work as part of a team. You are presented with a brief that you should solve together as a team. As a valuable member of the team, you should contribute to your team's efforts and establish a good working relationship with them. 


The presentation allows you to show your in-depth understanding of your field and your ability to present that clearly. Both as a presenter and as part of the audience you have the chance you show off your communication skills. After the presentation, there is a fifteen-minute time frame for questions which you should use to show your engagement with the topic by asking insightful questions.


You are also invited to an interview or interviews which can be a competency-based and a practical interview. This is a chance for you to emphasize once more your skills that can benefit Barclays and your role. You should also reflect on your ambition what you expect to gain from this job. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Which departments of Barclays can I apply to?

Barclays' internships are a great way to gain entry into this prestigious company. You can choose to apply for Barclays' summer internships or Barclays' spring internships. The most popular positions that applicants target are Barclays' investment banking internship and Barclays' analyst internships. This is a strong opportunity to gain insight into a large banking institution's workings and receive a real learning experience from professional. You can work on real challenges and tasks and your performance can even secure you a full-time position. The departments that you can apply to as part of Barclays Internship programme include commodities strategy, compliance, finance, corporate banking, HR, internal audit, sales and trading, technology and more. There is also a significant amount of research position offered in the area of economics, equity, strategy. 

2. How can JobTestPrep prepare me for the online aptitude tests?

JobTestPrep has a long and successful track record in offering services to prepare candidates for recruitment processes which includes assessment tests. The numerous mock-exams we offer alone can give you an understanding of the structure and types of tests you can encounter. Moreover, you should take advantage of the study-guides and advice that should guide your preparation process to excel at Barclays' online aptitude tests.