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What You'll Get

  • 45 Numerical tests and drills 
  • 31 Verbal reasoning tests
  • Interview preparation
  • 42 Abstract and inductive reasoning tests
  • 10 Spatial reasoning practice tests
  • 6 Study guides for different subjects
  • 14 Video tutorials
  • Bonus assessment centre preparation tests


JobTestPrep provides you with the resources you need to excel at Bank of Ireland’s competitive recruitment process. This preparation package is designed to prepare you for the numerical and verbal reasoning tests as well as the competency-based interview.

Bank of Ireland Manager Hiring Process

Bank of Ireland’s recruitment process consists of three stages. After submitting your CV, you will be invited to complete an online numerical and verbal reasoning test. Upon successful completion, you will participate in a competency-based interview. The interview is on-site, but you can also be asked to complete a phone interview. 


Bank of Ireland Manager Assessment Tests

In this stage of Bank of Ireland’s hiring process, you are invited to complete two online aptitude tests. As a manager, you should demonstrate your ability to utilise numerical and verbal information. Take advantage of JobTestPrep’s resources to achieve your best performance when completing the online aptitude tests.

Numerical Reasoning Test

The numerical reasoning test evaluates how well you understand numerical data. You will be provided with information in the form of charts, graphs, and tables. You should be comfortable using percentages, ratios and inflation changes to figure out the answers to the multiple-choice questions. JobTestPrep's numerical reasoning exercises will help you to improve your chances of achieving a manager position at Bank of Ireland.

Verbal Reasoning Test 

The verbal reasoning test examines how you process written information. You will receive passages and each one will be followed by a question or a statement regarding the text. You will then have to either select the right answer(s), or decide if the statement is true, false or indeterminable based on the text. JobTestPrep's verbal reasoning practice tests will help you achieve your desired position at Bank of Ireland.

Other Tests You May Face

As well as the aforementioned tests, you may also have to pass the following ones:

  • Spatial Reasoning: These tests examine orientation skills in two dimensional and three dimensional spaces.
  • Abstract Reasoning: These tests require you to show your ability to draw assumptions and conclusions based on information supplied in the form of symbols or matrices

Test Practice for You

Get practice tests that follow the content of Bank of Ireland tests. Our practice packs provide a holistic preparation journey, with full-length tests, explanations, score reports, tutorials, and PDF guides. Start practising today and increase your chances of landing the manager position. 

Bank of Ireland Manager Interview Questions

Bank of Ireland's competency-based interview is designed to indicate whether you match their standards of teamwork and collaboration, problem-solving, and customer relations.This is a great chance for you to demonstrate your knowledge of your desired position and to address your professional and personal attributes.Your responses should involve situations in which you demonstrated one or more Bank of Ireland's competencies.

Here are questions you might encounter in your interview:

  • What were your annual goals at your most current employer?
  • Tell me about a difficult experience you had in working.
  • What are three positive things your last boss would say about you?
  • Why did you decide to pursue this career?
  • What was the most stressful situation you have faced?

JobTestPrep's Bank of Ireland preparation pack for managers includes interview materials, in addition to online practice tests. 

Questions Frequently Asked by Manager Candidates

1. For which manager positions is this preparation pack useful?

Bank of Ireland offers manager positions across various departments, all of which are required to participate in the same recruitment process. JobTestPrep's Bank of Ireland preparation pack for managers will help you excel in the bank's interview stage and online testing stage.

2. What qualifications does a Risk manager need?

The ideal candidate should have obtained a third level academic qualification and/or have professional experience in risk, compliance, audit or business. 


JobTestPrep is not a part of Bank of Ireland and is not related to them in any way. JobTestPrep offers preparation services for psychometric tests.


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