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Experienced hires with PwC face a very different recruitment process than candidates applying to the company’s early career positions. PwC wants to get to know you and learn about how your previous experience makes you a good fit for the company. To this end, you will face three different interviews, candidate assessments, and tests. Find out more about these various stages below.

Telephone Interview

Once you have completed and submitted your application, you will be invited to take part in a short phone interview. It only takes about 20 minutes and is pre-arranged at a convenient time for you. PwC’s goal in this interview is to get the information that a regular application can’t, such as why you are applying for this role, what previous experience makes you a viable candidate, and why you have chosen PwC.

Technical Interview

The next interview focuses on your technical knowledge of your chosen business area. The company is looking for examples of when you have used your skills and knowledge in the workplace and for examples of some of your best career moments. They also want to hear how familiar you are with the industry as well as your level of commercial knowledge. Above all, you want to emphasise how your experience sets you apart from current PwC employees through examples of your work history.

Ability and Personality Tests

Some applicants for PwC experienced hires jobs are asked to take ability tests, such as numerical or verbal reasoning tests. Others are asked to take personality questionnaires.

To help you pass these tests, JobTestPrep offers several preparation packs. Choose the one most relevant to you and start practising for your test:


Prepare for your PwC Hiring Process

Start practising and gain access to different aptitude tests and assessments. Get ready for your interview and stand out throughout your entire recruitment process.


Case Studies and In-Tray Exercises

In some cases, candidates for experienced hires jobs may need to complete a case study or an in-tray exercise as part of an assessment centre. You can find practice materials for both of these exercises, accompanied by complete solutions and guides, in our PwC Assessment Centre & Interview Pack.

Face-to-Face Interview

The final stage of the recruitment process is a face-to-face interview with a partner or senior manager. Many of the questions are a review from the previous interviews, asking about achievements and experience in your previous work. Once again, you want to show how your experience makes you unique and what new perspectives you can bring to the company.

Prepare for Success

Even with experience under your belt, getting through the PwC recruitment process can be a challenge. By preparing yourself fully for the interviews and reviewing the practice tests and assessments, you can greatly increase your chances of impressing the recruiters enough to get a job offer.


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